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Korea Free Trade Agreement/Populist Dialogues

Posted in Populist Dialogues, Sen Ron Wyden, South Korea Free Trade Agreement by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on January 10, 2011

Korea Free Trade Agreement

The Corporatist attacks on the rest of us are moving on several fronts, especially now with the new Congress in session.

One front will be the introduction of Bush the second’s so-called Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Panama and Congress. (more…)


Alliance for Democracy e-News: December 22, 2010/Ban the Bag Petition‏

Posted in Alliance for Democracy, Ban the bag, Justice Rising, Populist Dialogues, State Bank of Oregon by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on December 22, 2010

Below is latest e-News from national Alliance for Democracy.  Included is note on our new Populist Dialogue cable TV program.  We have recorded two programs thus far with the next two to be recorded on Jan 2.  Dan Meek talking about money in politics and the Citizens United v FEC case  will be our first guest.  For the second show, our guest will be Arthur Stamoulis, director of Oregon Fair Trade Campaign.  We will talk about the Korea Free Trade Agreement. (more…)