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When Democracy Weakens

Posted in Citizens United by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on February 13, 2011

As the Egyptian people celebrate the downfall of their 30-year autocratic dictator, enabled for those 30-years by the generous foreign-aid (read: military aid) package from the United States, the rulers of America should think about what can happen when the democratic yearling of a people cannot find a way to express itself.  The corporate rulers and their political enablers might want to look for some messages in what has happened. (more…)

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Plutocracy in America

Posted in Class war, Plutocracy, Uncategorized by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on December 26, 2010
We have seen it in Greece and Ireland recently. We will see it in Spain  and Portugal and other European nations.  In these nations, the rich have or will impose cuts in social benefits, higher prices, longer work hours, less vacation in order to put their financial houses in order.  That is to say, the order that international financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the central banks in America, the Federal Reserve) dictate.  They say that these nations have been irresponsible, that they have lived beyond their means and that the people must now pay the price to get their financial system in order. (more…)
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