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When Democracy Weakens

Posted in Citizens United by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on February 13, 2011

As the Egyptian people celebrate the downfall of their 30-year autocratic dictator, enabled for those 30-years by the generous foreign-aid (read: military aid) package from the United States, the rulers of America should think about what can happen when the democratic yearling of a people cannot find a way to express itself.  The corporate rulers and their political enablers might want to look for some messages in what has happened. (more…)

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Too Much: A Democracy in Disrepair/Supreme Court Decision‏

Each week I receive Too Much – An online weekly on excess and inequality.  I highly recommend it.  It is produced by the Institute for Policy Studies.

If you think that income, wealth and power have been moving upward for the past 30 years, undermining our democracy in the process, then this weekly newsletter is for you.  There In Focus section this week  is especially important in light of the Citizens United (CU) Supreme Court decision last month in which the corporate treasuries were freed of most restrictions to influence (buy) our elections.  While the decision also freed the labor treasuries, the unions don’t have anywhere near the financial resources which corporate America does and will find themselves even more drown out than they are at present.