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Below my signature is an article on Tackling Corporate Power, One Town at a Time by Mari Margil who works with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.  They are best known for working with Pennsylvanian towns to pass ordinances banning corporate farming.  Now they are working with  communities to ban corporations from drilling for natural gas in their communities using the fracking process. First the City of Pittsburg passed such an ordinance and now smaller communities in Maryland and New York are taking steps in the same direction – challenging corporate power in their communities and establishing the rights of local communities to establish health and safety standards for their people even in the face of state or federal regulations or laws designed to remove their power.  Note that one of the objectives of MOVE TO AMEND in eliminating corporate personhood is to allow local communities exactly this power.  (more…)


Citizen United Anniversary/Single Payer/Oregon State Bank events

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The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision one year ago (January 21) opened the flood gates of direct corporate money into America’s elections.  Prior to this decision, corporations had been banned under the Tillman Act of 1907 from using corporate funds to fund federal political campaigns.  According to President Teddy Roosevelt in advocating for the corporate ban said, “All contributions by corporations to any political committee or for any political purpose should be forbidden by law; directors should not be permitted to use stockholders’ money for such purposes.”  (more…)

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Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, looks at the most recent American food crisis in which millions of eggs tainted with salmonella have been recalled from our grocery shelves.  And she makes the correct connection.  When corporations are given constitutional rights, democracy is undermined or overthrown (and our food supply is less safe). And she notes that there is a growing movement of people to amend the US Constitution to make clear the historic relationship between the people and corporations.  That relationship has the people in control of corporations, it has people endowed with rights and corporations having no rights but having obligations and responsibilities. 

Corporate personhood meeting/ Pittsburgh Drilling Ban Ordinance to be Introduced‏

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  There are a couple of important notices below.

The first is of a meeting sponsored by The Portland City Club with the topic of The Corporate Citizen and Campaign Finance.  With the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in January most of the bars on corporate and union expenditures on political campaigns have been removed and the flow of big money private interests has already begun at unprecedented levels.  I object to the title of the meeting, The Corporate Person, as implying that corporations can be citizens.  Only human beings can be citizens.  Corporations must always be regarded as our creations, as our servants.  Corporations can never be citizens.  John Frohnmayer is the former head of the National Endowment for the Arts as well as Independent Party candidate for the US Senate in which he espoused views considered definitely left of center. The other presenter, Tom Cox, was the Libertarian Party candidate for Oregon governor (2002) and is now active with the Republican party.  Should be an interesting discussion.
Below that is an exciting news release bearing on this question of corporate personhood.  It announces that a City of Pittsburgh city councilperson (a real live human being) will introduce a bill to deny all corporations the right to drill for natural gas within the city.  In addition, the bill recognizes rights that assert legal protections for the right to water, the rights of natural communities, the right to local self-government, and the right of the people to enforce and protect these rights through their municipal government.


Until now all of the rights based organizing and resulting laws recognizing the rights of local communities to decide the fate of their communities have been in very small rural communities, mostly in rural Pennsylvania.  So having a city as large as Pittsburgh consider this is ground breaking.  Read more details below and watch for future updates. (more…)

Does Elena Kagan support corporate free speech rights‏?

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Does  Elena Kagan support the concept of corporate personhood?  Her arguments in Citizens United suggests that she does. (more…)

Riki Ott/David Cobb on ending corporate personhood/Health Care rally‏

  Alliance for Democracy is sponsoring an appearance by David Cobb and Riki Ott on Monday, March 1st who are on tour promoting the amending of the US Constitution to override the US Supreme Court decision giving even more human rights to corporations.  The decision is the Citizens United v FEC issued on Jan 21, 10 in which almost all limitations on corporate and union use of their treasuries on political and candidate elections has been removed (more…)

Too Much: A Democracy in Disrepair/Supreme Court Decision‏

Each week I receive Too Much – An online weekly on excess and inequality.  I highly recommend it.  It is produced by the Institute for Policy Studies.

If you think that income, wealth and power have been moving upward for the past 30 years, undermining our democracy in the process, then this weekly newsletter is for you.  There In Focus section this week  is especially important in light of the Citizens United (CU) Supreme Court decision last month in which the corporate treasuries were freed of most restrictions to influence (buy) our elections.  While the decision also freed the labor treasuries, the unions don’t have anywhere near the financial resources which corporate America does and will find themselves even more drown out than they are at present. 

Citizens United moves call for constitutional amendment‏

The furor continues about the outrageous Supreme Court decision last week.  The SC ruled in effect that corporations are the same as people, at least with regard to the 1st and 14th amendments – the 1st guaranteeing our free speech rights and the 14th guaranteeing equal protection of the law.  The 14th Amendment was enacted following the Civil War to establish that in America any citizen (read male citizen at that time) born or naturalized in the United States shall not be deprived of their rights by either the federal government or any state.  No mention there that this included corporations.  (more…)

U.S. Supreme Court Unleashes Unlimited Corporate Funds for Political Campaigns on All Levels‏

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This morning the US Supreme Court issued their long awaited decision in the case of Citizens United vs FEC.  The case involved the “documentary” film Hillary-The Movie produced by Citizens United.  The FEC (Federal Elections Committee) restricted the distribution of the film prior to the 2008 election and Citizens United challenged the decision which went to the Supreme Court.  (more…)