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Trackling Corporate Power | AfD in the news |SC Justices Ramble at Anti-War Rally

Posted in Alliance for Democracy, CELDF, Liquefied Natural Gas, Move to Amend, Water by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on March 21, 2011

Below my signature is an article on Tackling Corporate Power, One Town at a Time by Mari Margil who works with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.  They are best known for working with Pennsylvanian towns to pass ordinances banning corporate farming.  Now they are working with  communities to ban corporations from drilling for natural gas in their communities using the fracking process. First the City of Pittsburg passed such an ordinance and now smaller communities in Maryland and New York are taking steps in the same direction – challenging corporate power in their communities and establishing the rights of local communities to establish health and safety standards for their people even in the face of state or federal regulations or laws designed to remove their power.  Note that one of the objectives of MOVE TO AMEND in eliminating corporate personhood is to allow local communities exactly this power.  (more…)


Support Renewable energy production in Oregon/Feed-In-Tariffs‏

Posted in Alliance for Democracy, Democratize the Grid, Feed-in tariffs by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on December 19, 2010

The Alliance for Democracy began an effort a couple of years ago to Democratize the Grid.  Our major effort has been to get a program of Feed-In-Tariffs in place to locally produce renewable energy on our rooftops where we live, instead of in large distance capital intensive wind farms. Such a program produces a number of benefits including locally produced renewable energy  where we live and good paying job creation. (more…)

Disclose Act/Justice Rising

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See below the email from national Alliance for Democracy.  Our call to support the DISCLOSE Act is differnet than others you may have received.  While we note the importance to passage of this act by Congress before the end of the lame duck session, we also note that its passage is not sufficient.  We need to end corporate personhood also.  Much larger task, but we must not loss sight of the larger goal as we move forward on the small steps.   (more…)

Alliance for Democracy to start own cable tv program

Posted in The Populist Dialogue by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on October 11, 2010

 The Alliance for Democracy will start a new project soon – our own community cable TV program. And we need your help.

The program, slated to begin in January, 2011, will be titled Alliance for Democracy, The Populist Dialogue. Each of the ½ hour programs will be hosted by Alliance for Democracy President David Delk. (more…)

Alliance for Democracy e-News: July 22, 2010‏

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Below is the latest national Alliance for Democracy e-news letter which includes a note about our Portland chapter efforts, our somewhat successful effort, for a Feed In Tariff in Oregon.  This has been part of our campaign to Democratize the Grid and bring Power for the People instead of large national and/or multi-national corporations. (more…)

AfD’s first success with Feed In Tariffs in Oregon‏

Posted in Alliance for Democracy, Feed in Tariff, Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy, OREP by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on July 4, 2010

Thursday, July 1st, marked the first day that Oregon private utility customers were able to sign-up for the new solar power generating program.

This program, a modified Feed-In Tariff, is the first such state-wide program in the US and is modeled after an extremely successful program in Germany which dramatic increased the production and use of clean green renewable energy while creating lots of well paying green jobs. 

Why is Alliance for Democracy excited about this? 

Well, because the Alliance for Democracy’s sponsored advocacy group, Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy, has been involved in this effort to Democratize the Grid for the past year and a half, first working with the Oregon legislature and then with the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to establish the program.  Note that our Judy Barnes is quoted in the Thursday article and AfD supporter and a key activist working with Judy, Mark Pengilly, is quoted in the Friday article. 

Our efforts have been to develop a program which would allow average people to develop renewable energy on our rooftops and in our neighborhoods where the energy will be used instead of on large remote sites requiring the building of additional expensive grid capacity. Up to this point, those big program have benefited large multi-national corporations.  Now we can get be involved in our clean energy future. 

While we are happy that the program is up and running, much more needs to be done to make it truly a real feed-in tariff program.  Judy and Mark and Teddy and the rest of us here at Alliance for Democracy are going to continue working on this until the state of Oregon gets it right. 

Please visit the Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy website for more details on this project. Visit the Alliance for Democracy website to view an interview by Jim Lockhart of Judy Barnes on the topic of feed-in tariffs.  This interview was conducted before the Oregon PUC rules were released and before the release of the program to the public.

Please us continue our work!

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to support our continuing efforts, please visit the national Alliance for Democracy website and click on Donate Now.  Please check the box that says “to support OREP and become a member of Alliance for Democracy”.

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter

Alliance for Democracy e-News: February 22, 2010‏

Below is latest e-newsletter from National Alliance for Democracy. Enjoy.  And if you are not a member of the national Alliance for Democracy please consider joining. There is a easy link in the email.  (more…)

Supreme Court Decision – AfD press release‏

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The national Alliance for Democracy released the following on the US Supreme Court opinion released today.

Note the we, Alliance for Democracy, have joined with other groups with a long history of opposing corporate personhood to start a Campaign to Legalize Democracy and, in furtherance of that, have started a movement to amend the US Constitution to deny corporations the rights of people.  (more…)

Protest Escalution in Afghanistan/Cindy Sheehan Statement

Posted in Afghanistan, Alliance for Democracy by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on November 29, 2009

The Alliance for Democracy has endorsed a rally in Portland to denounce Obama’s war escalation in Afghanistan.  This rally has been organized by Portland Peaceful Response ( (more…)

Tie Maximum CEO salary to the wage of the lowest paid worker‏

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Americans need a movement to address the increasing inequity of compensation between workers and CEOs.  How about tieing the salary of the CEOs to the wage level of the lowest paid worker so that CEOs only get paid more if the lowest paid worker gets paid more as well.  And naturally we need to lower the gap between CEO and the lowest paid from its present ratio of about 400 to 1 to about 25 to 1, the ratio of the president of the US to the lowest paid federal worker. (more…)