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Plutocracy in America

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We have seen it in Greece and Ireland recently. We will see it in Spain  and Portugal and other European nations.  In these nations, the rich have or will impose cuts in social benefits, higher prices, longer work hours, less vacation in order to put their financial houses in order.  That is to say, the order that international financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the central banks in America, the Federal Reserve) dictate.  They say that these nations have been irresponsible, that they have lived beyond their means and that the people must now pay the price to get their financial system in order. (more…)
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Alliance for Democracy e-News: December 22, 2010/Ban the Bag Petition‏

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Below is latest e-News from national Alliance for Democracy.  Included is note on our new Populist Dialogue cable TV program.  We have recorded two programs thus far with the next two to be recorded on Jan 2.  Dan Meek talking about money in politics and the Citizens United v FEC case  will be our first guest.  For the second show, our guest will be Arthur Stamoulis, director of Oregon Fair Trade Campaign.  We will talk about the Korea Free Trade Agreement. (more…)

Support Renewable energy production in Oregon/Feed-In-Tariffs‏

Posted in Alliance for Democracy, Democratize the Grid, Feed-in tariffs by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on December 19, 2010

The Alliance for Democracy began an effort a couple of years ago to Democratize the Grid.  Our major effort has been to get a program of Feed-In-Tariffs in place to locally produce renewable energy on our rooftops where we live, instead of in large distance capital intensive wind farms. Such a program produces a number of benefits including locally produced renewable energy  where we live and good paying job creation. (more…)

The History of Behind the White House Tax Deal

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Every week or so I receive an email newsletter tittled TOO MUCH from the Institute for Policy Studies,

Program on Inequality and the Common Good .  Always worth reading.  You can subscribe at

Copied below is the current feature piece related to the Obama tax cut, a deal Obama cut with the Republicans to which the progressive Democrats in Congress and around the nation have protested as a surrender without a fight to the wealthy 1% of America and their political servents.
Most of us likely think that tax cuts are the domain of Republicans but as shown below, the atomsphere for these cuts was first set in place by  President Truman, and reenforced by Kennedy, Clinton.  Cutting taxes on the wealthy has been and continues to be a bi-partisan effort.

Korea “Free” Trade Agreement: Say No!

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By now most of you realize that President Obama has gone backward on his campaign promise to look at the effects of past “free trade” agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Central American Free Trade Agreement and renegotiate them.  This renegotiation promise was part of his campaign of hope, which all people now realize, if they didn’t during the campaign, was for public consumption to get the vote but was not to be taken seriously as a guide for future action.


Winner-Take-All Politics/AfD cable program update

Posted in Alliance for Democracy, The Populist Dialogue by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on November 26, 2010

Alliance for Democracy sponsors

Paul Pierson, co-author of Winner-Take-All Politics, How Washington Made the Rich Richer – And Turned Its Back on the Middle Class.

Paul Pierson identifies the real culprit behind one of the greatest economic crimes of our time – the growing inequality of incomes between the vast majority of Americans and the richest of the rich. (more…)

Disclose Act/Justice Rising

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See below the email from national Alliance for Democracy.  Our call to support the DISCLOSE Act is differnet than others you may have received.  While we note the importance to passage of this act by Congress before the end of the lame duck session, we also note that its passage is not sufficient.  We need to end corporate personhood also.  Much larger task, but we must not loss sight of the larger goal as we move forward on the small steps.   (more…)

Voter Owned Elections/Larry Lessig

Posted in 26-108, Voter Owned Elections by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on October 26, 2010

Hi AfDers and Friends,

As part of our efforts to end corporate domination, Alliance for Democracy has supported campaign finance reform and public funding of elections for all of our existence as a grassroots organization.

Our current efforts are in support of Voter Owned Elections here in Portland, on the ballot as measure 26-108. If you are a Portland voter, we encourage your YES vote on 26-108.

We also encourage your active involvement by either contributing to the ca (more…)

Considering your vote for US Senate‏ (Oregon)

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 Alliance for Democracy – Portland does not endorse political candidates and that is no exception this year.

However, in the race for the US Senate seat currently held by Ron Wyden, I want to ask that you consider two third party candidates for your vote.

In considering a vote for someone other that Ron Wyden note that the polls show Senator Wyden so far ahead that there is no chance that he will lose the race to the Republican Jim Huffman. (more…)

Protest Obama in Portland

Posted in Afghanistan, Obama by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on October 15, 2010

President Obama is in Portland next Wednesday, Oct 20 trying to rally the Democrats to turn out and vote. 

Well, this is Portland and we have issues with him – one issue being that the wars continue in spite of his having run on at least the perception that he would end the wars.

So plans are being formulated for a warm Portland welcome with a protest outside the Oregon Convention Center. (more…)

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