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October 10, 10 –

Washington DC’s mayor signed the National Popular Vote bill today adding the city’s 3 electoral college votes to those of the six states which have approved the plan thus far.

August 4, 10 –

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed into law the bill approving the use of the National Popular Vote.  The votes in the Massachusetts legislature was strongly in support across party lines.  In the House, the vote totals were 113 – 35 ; in the Senate the vote totals were 28 – 9.

Read the op-ed article by Michael Dukakis, dated July 27, 2010 which appeared in the Salem News.  Mr Dukakis noted that

Something happened in the 2000 presidential election that should never be permitted to happen again. The candidate who failed to win the popular vote became president of the United States.

Something just as unacceptable almost happened four years later. If John Kerry had won Ohio by a single vote, he would have become president even though George W. Bush would have won the popular vote by over 31/2 million votes.

May 6, 09 –

Washington State has joined the elite club of states which has approved the use of the National Popular Vote.  They now join the states of Hawaii, New Jersey, Illinois and Maryland.  Before the NPV can go into effect, states representing more than half of the electoral College must approve the identical legislation.  Here is the story from National Popular Vote.

March 12, 09 –

Oregon’s House of Representatives voted in favor of National Popular Vote by a 39-19 margin. The bill (HR2588) was introduced by Representatives Ben Canon, Tim Freeman, and Dave Hunt and co-sponsored by Representatives Jules Bailey, Jeff Barker, Phil Barnhart, Vicki Berger, Scott Bruun, Peter Buckley, Kevin Cameron, Michael Dembrow, Chris Edwards, David Edwards, Larry Gallizio, Bill Garrard, Chris Garrett, Vic Gilliam, Chris Harker, Nick Kahl, Betty Komp, Greg Matthews, Tobias Read, Chip Shields, Greg Smith, Jefferson Smith, Jim Thompson, and Carolyn Tomei. The bill (SB 732) was introduced in the Oregon Senate by Senator Bill Morrisette and Rod Monroe, and also by Senators Brian Boquist, Diane Rosenbaum, and Vicki Walker.The bill now moves to the Oregon Senate.

Read the column by Oregonian columnist Ray Attig  in support of National Populist Vote.


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