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Electoral College is an undemocractic hold over from the US Constitutional Convention.

Because all but two states use a winner-take-all election process which gives all of any particular state’s electoral College vote to a single candidate and because most states are reliably either blue or red states, candidates in the general election usually campaign in only a handful of states.  Those states which are not swing states find that candidates will not visit them, will not spend money in them.  This system means that voters both large and small states are effectively disenfranchised in the choosing of the president.

The Electoral College has 4 times in our history elected the candidate with the second greatest number of votes – most recently, in 2000, when Gore would have won had he won in Florida where he lost by just a few hundred votes.  While he lost in Florida, in won the national popular vote by over 500,000 votes.  He should have been the president except for the Electoral College system.  (There were some other factors in here as well, but we will not into that now).

Increasingly our presidential elections will be election crises.  In fact, there have been six elections in the past 60 years in which the change of a few popular votes in one or two states which have allowed the second place winner to have become president.

Many believe that the proper way to eliminate this problem is via a constitutional amendment.  The constitutional amendment process, however, is designed to frustrate efforts to amendment the constitution. That is why there have been so few successful amendments enacted.

But there is another way – the National Popular Vote (NPV).  NPV is an agreement between states, a Compact, in which the signers would agree to have their EC electors vote for the candidate with the largest (not majority) number of votes.  This compact would only go into effect when enough states representing a majority of the EC votes joined the compact.

There you have it.  A way to eliminate the negative effects of the EC without amending the constitution.

More information on National Popular Vote is available at the National Popular Vote website.

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