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Fusion – current status in Oregon

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With a lot of hard work on the part of Barbara Dudley and the Oregon Working Families Party, Oregon now has Fusion Voting…. sort of.

The Oregon legislature during into 2009 session passed a law enacting a modified form of Fusion. With traditional fusion, each candidate receiving more than one party endorsement would have his/her name placed on the ballot once for each party.  In other words if Joe Citizen is endorsed by both the Democratic Party, the Pacific Green party and the Independent party, Joe’s name would appear three times, each time with different political party along side their name.  Assuming the voter votes for Joe Citizen, they would also show which party they supported by choosing the line for Joe and the appropriate party.

With the law enacted, the legislature is allowing a candidate to be endorsed by more than one party but each of the parties will be listed in a single line on the ballot.  The voter will not be able to choose both the candidate and the party.  The ballot line for Joe Citizen from the above would look like this:
Joe Citizen, Democrat, Pacific Green, Independent.

One of the benefits of traditional fusion is lost; namely, the voter cannot express their preference for both the candidate and the  party.

Read the press stories related to this law enactment

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