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Posted in Investor Protection Clauses, Korea Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, Sen Ron Wyden by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on February 5, 2011

President Obama promoted the Bush negotiated NAFTA style Korea (South) Free Trade Agreement during his State of the Union address. He said,  “And last month, we finalized a trade agreement with South Korea that will support at least 70,000 American jobs. This agreement has unprecedented support from business and labor, Democrats and Republicans — and I ask this Congress to pass it as soon as possible.

“Now, before I took office, I made it clear that we would enforce our trade agreements, and that I would only sign deals that keep faith with American workers and promote American jobs. That’s what we did with Korea, and that’s what I intend to do as we pursue agreements with Panama and Colombia and continue our Asia Pacific and global trade talks.”

Note that he said that this agreement would support 70,000, not that that number would be created. (more…)


Korea Free Trade Agreement/Populist Dialogues

Posted in Populist Dialogues, Sen Ron Wyden, South Korea Free Trade Agreement by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on January 10, 2011

Korea Free Trade Agreement

The Corporatist attacks on the rest of us are moving on several fronts, especially now with the new Congress in session.

One front will be the introduction of Bush the second’s so-called Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Panama and Congress. (more…)

Considering your vote for US Senate‏ (Oregon)

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 Alliance for Democracy – Portland does not endorse political candidates and that is no exception this year.

However, in the race for the US Senate seat currently held by Ron Wyden, I want to ask that you consider two third party candidates for your vote.

In considering a vote for someone other that Ron Wyden note that the polls show Senator Wyden so far ahead that there is no chance that he will lose the race to the Republican Jim Huffman. (more…)

Korea Free Trade Agreement Teach In‏

Posted in Korea Free Trade Agreement, Sen Ron Wyden, South Korea Free Trade Agreement by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on September 30, 2010

 President Obama recently announced plans to push the Korea Free Trade Agreement immediately after the November elections. Itʼs not too late to stop it, but our time is short! Attend our down-and-dirty, action-oriented teach-in to learn: (more…)