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Below my signature is an article on Tackling Corporate Power, One Town at a Time by Mari Margil who works with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.  They are best known for working with Pennsylvanian towns to pass ordinances banning corporate farming.  Now they are working with  communities to ban corporations from drilling for natural gas in their communities using the fracking process. First the City of Pittsburg passed such an ordinance and now smaller communities in Maryland and New York are taking steps in the same direction – challenging corporate power in their communities and establishing the rights of local communities to establish health and safety standards for their people even in the face of state or federal regulations or laws designed to remove their power.  Note that one of the objectives of MOVE TO AMEND in eliminating corporate personhood is to allow local communities exactly this power.  (more…)


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Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, looks at the most recent American food crisis in which millions of eggs tainted with salmonella have been recalled from our grocery shelves.  And she makes the correct connection.  When corporations are given constitutional rights, democracy is undermined or overthrown (and our food supply is less safe). And she notes that there is a growing movement of people to amend the US Constitution to make clear the historic relationship between the people and corporations.  That relationship has the people in control of corporations, it has people endowed with rights and corporations having no rights but having obligations and responsibilities.