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Obama in Hillsboro|Protests about Korea Free Trade Agreement

Posted in Investor Protection Clauses, Korea Free Trade Agreement, South Korea Free Trade Agreement by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on February 18, 2011
President Obama will be in Hillsboro OR at the Intel plant on Friday February 18, and, while this is short notice, I hope that some of you might be able to be there and greet him as part of a protest rally against his plans to bring the US -Korea Free Trade Agreement up for a vote.  All the details are below. 

And for more details on the agreement, the investor-protection clauses, what gets counted as an American made auto (made in America could mean made in China), how labor is treated in Korea, and how the agreement would impact the ability of both governments to gain control over their financial sectors, read this informative article by Lori Wallach, The Korea Trade Deal Is a Lose-Lose.  Another article worth reading is this one by Ian Fletcher, Stop the Korea Free Trade Agreement. Read more by Ian on his blog.

While many of you will not be able to be there (I have to work), you can read the above information and write to the editor of the Oregonian (and your US Representative), explaining why you oppose this Bush written, now Obama pushed agreement.  And that article by Ian has some good quotes from when Obama was on the campaign trail.  At that time he was opposed to the agreement. (more…)


Corporations always profit from war whether “we” win or lose

Posted in anti-war rally, Korea Free Trade Agreement, military-industrial complex, South Korea Free Trade Agreement by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on January 13, 2011

President Obama will soon deliver his third State of the Union address. We need to be prepared to remind him following that address of the campaigns promises not kept, of the hope that is no longer felt by those middle class people who volunteered their time and gave their money to see that he was elected as the agent of change. Instead the wars drag on in Iraq and Afghanistan, with continuing killing of American soldiers as well as the people of those two nations. Since Obama assumed office, the war on terror has grown , expanding to Pakistan and Yemen. The wars continue to drain our economy, costing America over a trillion dollars in increased debt each year. All while we continue to suffer growing unemployment, and state and local governments face growing budget crises, growing ever larger with no aid from Washington. The states and cities now will be on their own. And Obama is set to explain that we all need to make sacrifices, that we are all responsible because we have expected too much., we have lived beyond our means. As he explains how we must share in making sacrifices, he will introduce another corporate driven free trade agreement, this one with South Korea which the federal U.S. International Trade Commission concluded would increase the US trade deficit. That increase, according to the Economic Policy Institute, will cost the US almost 160,000 jobs. . (more…)

Korea Free Trade Agreement/Populist Dialogues

Posted in Populist Dialogues, Sen Ron Wyden, South Korea Free Trade Agreement by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on January 10, 2011

Korea Free Trade Agreement

The Corporatist attacks on the rest of us are moving on several fronts, especially now with the new Congress in session.

One front will be the introduction of Bush the second’s so-called Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Panama and Congress. (more…)

Korea “Free” Trade Agreement: Say No!

Posted in CAFTA, Investor Protection Clauses, investor protections, NAFTA, South Korea Free Trade Agreement, UAW, UFCW, Uncategorized by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on December 9, 2010

By now most of you realize that President Obama has gone backward on his campaign promise to look at the effects of past “free trade” agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Central American Free Trade Agreement and renegotiate them.  This renegotiation promise was part of his campaign of hope, which all people now realize, if they didn’t during the campaign, was for public consumption to get the vote but was not to be taken seriously as a guide for future action.


Forget the FTA Fix, Just Say No

Posted in Corporate Globalization, Martin Hart-Landsberg, South Korea Free Trade Agreement by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on October 3, 2010

I have written on the Korea Free Trade Agreement before and likely will again.  This Bush negotiated agreement will be presented to Congress following the November election with President Obama’s hope that it will be approved by both Congress and the Korea parliament before the end of the year. 

Korea Free Trade Agreement Teach In‏

Posted in Korea Free Trade Agreement, Sen Ron Wyden, South Korea Free Trade Agreement by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on September 30, 2010

 President Obama recently announced plans to push the Korea Free Trade Agreement immediately after the November elections. Itʼs not too late to stop it, but our time is short! Attend our down-and-dirty, action-oriented teach-in to learn: (more…)

Korea-US trade agreement and gold mining in El Salvador‏

Posted in Investor Protection Clauses, Pacific Rim Mining, South Korea Free Trade Agreement by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on August 31, 2010

As noted before, President Obama is set to introduce the Korea United States Free Trade Agreement into Congress after the November election.  A group of Oregon state senators and representatives signed onto a letter addressed to Oregon Senator Wyden as the chair of the Senator subcommittee to hold hearings on the agreement, asking that he be sure that the investor protection clauses be removed.  (more…)

Support the TRADE ACT; Rally at Wyden office‏

Posted in Columbia Free Trade Agreement, Panama Free Trade Agreement, South Korea Free Trade Agreement, Trade Act of 2009 by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on February 12, 2010

We don’t talk much about “Free Trade” agreements much any more but these agreements should still be a burning issue.  Pres. Bush signed several agreements which could be bought to congress for votes at any time.  Those agreements are with So. Korea, Panama and Columbia.  These are trade agreements on the corporate model designed to empower multi-national corporations while undermining the ability of government at all levels to operate in the interest of the people. (more…)

Progressive monthly calendar and questions for Sen Wyden.‏

The Portland Or area progressive events calendar is below. Also some suggested questions for Sen Wyden during his townhall meeting on Jan 4th, Monday. (more…)