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Alliance for Democracy e-News: December 22, 2010/Ban the Bag Petition‏

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Below is latest e-News from national Alliance for Democracy.  Included is note on our new Populist Dialogue cable TV program.  We have recorded two programs thus far with the next two to be recorded on Jan 2.  Dan Meek talking about money in politics and the Citizens United v FEC case  will be our first guest.  For the second show, our guest will be Arthur Stamoulis, director of Oregon Fair Trade Campaign.  We will talk about the Korea Free Trade Agreement.

Shows will every Sunday at 5 PM on channel 11, every thursday at 8 PM on Channel 22 and every Friday on Channel 23 at 7:30 PM.   And they will be posted on blipTV under Populist Dialogues as well as on our Portland chapter website. Regular shows will start on Sunday, Jan. 9th

And a further note on this, we have received requests for program DVD from interested individuals in Corvallis and Spokane who want to arrange regular screening on cable tv in those communities.  If you can sponsor screening on your local cable TV, please let me know and we will forward copies.

In addition to news about our cable program, note that we are co-sponsoring a community forum on a State Bank of Oregon coming up on Feb. 1st. Details are below.


When the Oregon legislature convenes in February, a bi-partisan bill to partially ban the use of plastic bags will be introduced.  Tualatin Riverkeepers is gathering signatures on a supporting petition.  You can sign on at  While a number of cities have banned plastic bags, Oregon could be the first state to pass a statewide ban.  More info on the campaign is available here:

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter, 503.232.5495

Alliance for Democracy e-News
December 22, 2010   Please forward widely
In this issue:
Organized Citizens Fight Back Against Citizens United
AfD Chapter News
•  New Chapter forms in Monterey County, CA
•  Mendocino AfD seeks to pass anti-corporate personhood resolutions

•  Portland, OR AfD presents “Populist Dialogues” on air and online 

Chapters Support State-Level Single Payer Actions New Issue of Justice Rising Focuses on Solidarity Economy
Kick-off Campaign for State Bank of Oregon
Congratulations, California Clean Money Campaign
Supporting the Rights of Nature

Holiday Greetings!
Just hoping for change has gotten us nowhere. Taking action – whether local, state or national – makes change possible. In this December eNews, we celebrate actions taken by AfD members and chapters that turn hope into reality.

Make a New Year’s resolution to join with your community in actions that build a stronger democracy, and to join with Alliance for Democracy in a national grassroots movement against corporate rule. Your support of our work is critical and very much appreciated. Join as a member or make a contribution online. Or give a gift membership to get friends or family active in 2011. See this page on our website or click below to give online through Groundspring/Network For Good. Thank you!


Start Planning Now for January 21, 2011
Organized Citizens fight back against Citizens United
January 21 will mark the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision affirming corporate personhood and expanding First Amendment free speech rights to allow corporations unfettered spending in our elections. This November corporations and corporate-funded groups poured hundreds of millions into the most expensive mid-term campaign season ever.

Fed up with growing corporate influence and power? Join Alliance for Democracy and the Move to Amend coalition as we team up with the Backbone Campaign, the Coffee Party and other groups to plan event and actions from coast to coast around the January 21 anniversary. Let’s act to show support for the rights of human beings and against corporate personhood and “corporate constitutional rights.”

Start planning now!
✓ Share this “Democracy for Sale” video call to action with friends and allies and turn out a crowd for January 21!
✓ Click here for ideas to get started to take a stand, and share with family, friends and local allies. Ask them to join the grassroots movement to amend the Constitution by signing the Motion to Amend and to join you in an urgent planning meeting.
✓ Order Alliance for Democracy resources, including the Spring 2010 issue of Justice Rising on “Courts and Corporations v. Our Common Good”, the  “Corporations are Not People” brochure, and bumperstickers.

AfD Chapter News
Monterey County, CA
The new Monterey Chapter has been meeting since September and tabling at local events. They are researching those national/international corporations that have a local presence to decide how to best focus their efforts to address growing corporate power and influence in the county. And they’re exploring working with local municipalities county-wide to pass “abolish corporate personhood” resolutions modeled on that recently passed by Berkeley, CA or the Move to Amend text.

Mendocino Coast, CA
Tom Wodetzki and Jim Tarbell, founding members of the Mendocino Coast Chapter in the mid-1990s, are spearheading the effort to have the Fort Bragg City Council pass a resolution supporting a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood. As January 21st is the one-year anniversary of the Citizens United decision, this is an ideal time, they say, to present the resolution at the Monday, January 24 City Council meeting. Since August they have given well-attended talks and seventy-five plus people have signed on to help.  For information call 707-937-1113 or 707-964-1323 or email Tom at or Jim at They plan to take the resolution to the other four Mendocino County cities and, finally, to the Board of Supervisors. “By then,” says Jim Tarbell, “hopefully other California counties will have done the same thing and we can join forces to take it to the state government.”  Read their brochure here.

Portland, OR
Months in the planning, the Portland chapter has launched a new half-hour community access cable TV program, “Alliance for Democracy–Populist Dialogues,” hosted  by chapter president and AfD co-chair David Delk. You can see all programs on-line here.

The first program featured Samuel Metz, a Mad As Hell Doctor, with a succinct analysis of the failed US healthcare system and deeply-flawed Obama legislation. The second featured Barbara Dudley, former head of Greenpeace USA and the National Lawyers Guild, and current co-chair of the Oregon Working Families Party, discussing fusion voting, a proposed State Bank of Oregon and the Korea Free Trade Agreement.

Starting January, the program will be seen in Portland and nearby communities. If you want a copy for local viewing or to put on your local community TV station,  contact David Delk at Though some content will be Portland or Oregon specific, most will be general enough to be of interest to members and chapters nation-wide.

Chapters support state-level single payer actions
AfD is a member of the national Healthcare-Now coalition for Single Payer and we support the fight for accessible, affordable, equitable care for all through our Health Care for Main Street, Not Wall Street Campaign and with the help of AfD members and chapters.

✓ In Oregon, a new single payer healthcare bill, “Affordable Health Care for All Oregon Act (draft)”, will be “rolled out” at the January 29th Single Payer Healthcare Conference and considered by the 2011 legislative session. AfD Oregon and Portland Chapter members will be fully engaged in this state effort.

✓ From Pennsylvania, AfD Councilmember Lou Hammann writes that in Adams County, where he lives, “we are a movement involving about 20 regular participants, one of whom is a dedicated local GP physician. Our focus is on getting the ‘Single Payer’ bills in the state legislature passed. We work with the Healthcare for All PA movement and have been involved in demonstrations and lobbying efforts for at least a year and a half. Currently, we are concentrating on raising $40,000 to help pay for an economic feasibility study that we hope will finally persuade the legislature to bring the bills to a vote. The Republican leadership has resisted allowing a vote to release the state-budgeted $150,000 for the study. So Healthcare for All PA is cooperating with two other states to raise enough money to fund it.
“Meanwhile, we’re planning a vigil that will persuade church people in the county to become advocates for Single Payer as a human right. Importantly, we have arranged with the local Community TV station to provide brief, frequent and direct advocacy for the Single Payer option for the state.”

✓ In Massachusetts, a single-payer bill has been reintroduced in the state legislature. The “Medicare for All Massachusetts” bill would replace the state’s current individual-mandate system, which was a model for the federal health care reform bill. The North Bridge Alliance for Democracy chapter is a member of the Mass-Care coalition, and hopes to turn out state members to encourage their legislators to co-sponsor the bill, and to attend a Lobby Day at the State House on Wednesday, January 12.

Justing Rising
ot off the press: Building the Solidarity Economy
AfD’s first ever Justice Rising with full color front and back covers. Don’t miss this issue – “Building an Economy for People and Nature” about the “solidarity economy” with inspiring examples of local projects that create challenges and alternatives to Wall Street’s business as usual. Read and download individual articles online, or contact the office at or 781-894-1179 for information on ordering printed copies. 

Making the Solidarity Economy a Reality
Creating the State Bank of Oregon
The AfD Portland Chapter is co-sponsoring a community forum on February 1  as a kick-off event to pass legislation to create the State Bank of Oregon and cut dependency on Wall Street with a bank for Main Street and Oregon residents.

A growing coalition of small businesses, family farmers, community bankers, labor and community groups, religious organizations, and people with experience in finance, banking and economic development are working to create this bank, spearheaded by the Oregonians for a State Bank coalition and modelled on the Bank of North Dakota, operating since 1919 to the exclusive benefit of ND residents.  To learn more, read “How the Nation’s Only State-Owned Bank Became the Envy of Wall Street” and “Bank of North Dakota: America’s Only ‘Socialist’ Bank Is Thriving During Downturn.”

Congratulations, California Clean Money Campaign!
The California Clean Money Campaign reports that after months of working with the Los Angeles City Council and years of CCMC and coalition efforts with the city, the council recently voted 11-4 to place a measure on the March 2011 ballot that would amend the city charter to remove the cap on the city’s public financing Trust Fund, a key step towards both strengthening the city’s current public matching funds system, eventually allowing the city to move to full Fair Elections public financing of campaigns. You can read more about it here. 

Several AfD’ers are now organizing with the California Clean Money Campaign, including CCMC chair and former AfD council member Jo Seidita, Southwest regional rep and now CCMC San Fernando Valley coordinator Robin Gilbert, and CCMC Metro LA Coordinator Tobi Dragert. Congratulations to them and their allies, and thanks for their work on behalf of publicly funded elections!

Mother Earth Day, April 22, 2011
Signs on to Letter Supporting Debate on Rights of Nature
The United Nations is currently considering a resolution to have the Rights of Nature debated by governments on Mother Earth Day, April 22, 2011. The document is at the informal consultation stage so is not public, but Alliance for Democracy has joined other organizations in support of the debate, which would force countries to publicly declare their position with reference to the rights of nature and allow individuals and organizations to stand with supportive governments in moving forward on a global campaign for these rights.

Organizers note that these rights are embodied in the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth. It was adopted when 32,000 people from around the world took up the call of President Morales and converged in Cochabamba, Bolivia, April 22, 2010, for the ‘World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. To read the letter, click here. To learn more check out “Beyond Capitalism: A Revolution of Values” and “Building an Economy for People and Nature – Groups and Books.”

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