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Considering your vote for US Senate‏ (Oregon)

Posted in Bruce Cronk, Oregon Workings Familes Party, Progressive Party of Oregon, Rick Staggenborg, Sen Ron Wyden, Voter Owned Elections by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on October 21, 2010

 Alliance for Democracy – Portland does not endorse political candidates and that is no exception this year.

However, in the race for the US Senate seat currently held by Ron Wyden, I want to ask that you consider two third party candidates for your vote.

In considering a vote for someone other that Ron Wyden note that the polls show Senator Wyden so far ahead that there is no chance that he will lose the race to the Republican Jim Huffman.

Bruce Cronk is the Working Families Party candidate. His position and the position of the Working Families Party (WFP) is best summarized in his voters’ pamphlet statement:

I’m running for Senate because Democrats and Republicans have let us down with trade agreements that ship good jobs overseas, with a healthcare bill influenced too much by insurance and pharmaceutical corporations, and with bailouts for the Wall Street executives who caused the economic collapse.

A vote for me and for the Working Families Party is a vote for:

Fair Trade for Good Jobs: Renegotiate job-killing trade agreements like NAFTA, which benefit big corporations while sending jobs overseas and harming our environment. Support the “TRADE” Act, so any future trade agreements create long-term good jobs at home.

Healthcare for All: Take corporate profits and massive CEO pay out of healthcare so that it benefits people, not insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Accountability for Wall Street: windfall tax on obscene banker bonuses. End “Too Big to Fail.”

Bruce lives in Roseburg and has worked as a welder and as a manufacturing plant electrician. He is a longtime member of United Steelworkers Local 5074.

A vote for Bruce is a vote for the Working Families Party. The Working Families Party must receive 1% of the vote in a statewide race in order to maintain their status as a political party. The WFP is working on economics issues of importance to all Oregonians and it is important that their voice continue to be heard. You can help by voting for Bruce for US Senate.

You likely have noticed that many candidates have for the first time in decades in Oregon been endorsed by multiple politicial parties. Fusion voting, as it is known, is the result of advocacy by the Working Families Party. The version of fusion we are using is not quite the real thing; the Working Families Party will be pushing for the real full fusion in the next legislative session. Alliance for Democracy is one of the earliest supporter of fusion as well as instant run-off voting.

 Rick Staggenborg is the Progressive Party candidate for US Senate. A physician by occupation, Rick lives in Coos Bay. I first meet Rick when he was campaigning for Single Payer Healthcare. I have since gotten to know him better because he was elected to the national council of the Alliance for Democracy and also advocates for one of the Alliance for Democracy’s principle issue – ending corporate personhood.

Rick has distinguished himself from the other candidates by centering his campaign on the issue of corporate personhood, pointing to the Citizens United case as the most recent example of the Supreme Court giving human rights to corporations. He is clear that corporations are not people, they should not have the rights of people. He is clear that we need to amend the constitution to make clear the relationship between corporations and people.

From his voters’ pamphlet statement:

The change we need in Washington DC:

–Bringing jobs to the US and reducing the threat of war by conversion to a localized economy based on alternative energy, the elimination of tax breaks for international corporations and getting out of NAFTA and the World Trade Organization.

–A constitutional amendment to end the ability of large corporations to pay for the campaigns of politicians who put their interests above those of Americans.

–A rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq.

–Establishing a truly universal and affordable single-payer health care system in the United States.

–Reform in Washington, more efficient delivery of essential government services, especially for veterans.

–Regulation of the banking/finance firms that could have prevented the wholesale destruction of the American and world economies.

–Campaign finance reform.

 Please consider casting your vote for US Senate for either Bruce Cronk (Working Families Party) or Rick Staggenborg (Progressive Party).

 Lastly regarding the election, if you are registered to vote in Portland, vote YES FOR PORTLAND. Vote Yes for Voter Owned Elections. Yes for 26-108.


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