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Alliance for Democracy to start own cable tv program

Posted in The Populist Dialogue by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on October 11, 2010

 The Alliance for Democracy will start a new project soon – our own community cable TV program. And we need your help.

The program, slated to begin in January, 2011, will be titled Alliance for Democracy, The Populist Dialogue. Each of the ½ hour programs will be hosted by Alliance for Democracy President David Delk. The interview format will feature various populist allies presenting on the great issues of the day, local, statewide, national and global. In keeping both with the populist tradition and the mission of Alliance for Democracy, we will address issues of corporate domination, how to end corporate personhood, globalization, examples of corporate influence and domination in local politics, the influence of money in politics and continuation of a permanent war economy. We might look at the role of the too-big-to-fail banks in the financial crises or the influence of global trade on the reported need for a Columbia River Crossing, or the role of huge multinational corporation Montgomery Watson Harza Global, Inc, in the writing of EPA regulations requiring Portland to build water treatment plants. We might consider the need for a 21st century socialism. The possibilities are endless. And exciting!

The pool of knowledgeable local people is very broad. We have lined in at least these people to be consistent guests:

  • Barbara Dudley (former head of Green Peace USA and the National Lawyers Guild),
  • Lloyd Marbet (citizen anti-nuclear activist and pro-democracy advocate),
  • Dan Meek (lawyer and citizen activist for campaign finance reform and utility reform),
  • Martin Hart-Landsberg (Director of the Dept of Political Economy at Lewis and Clark College),
  • Robin Hahnel (new left political science professor at Portland State University,
  • Margaret Butler (Exec. Director of Jobs with Justice) and more.

And we are have guests addressing specific local issues as they come up (like the LNG plants or Nestle’s effort to build a bottled water plant in Cascade Locks).

We are all really excited about this new project.


Cable television programs are produced by volunteers. Have you ever wondered what goes into producing a television program? Well, here is your chance to find out.

Portland Community Media will provide the studio space and production equipment to get us on the air.

We need to provide the certified people to actually produce the show. And that is where you come in.

You must be certified by Portland Community Media to use the facilities. So it is time to get you certified.

 And we have an offer for you. If you enroll in and complete the required STUDIO SKILLS BUILDING workshop in November required to be certified, Alliance for Democracy will pay half of the workshop fee.

Yes, that is right. We will pay half of the $75.00 fee.

 What you need to do.

1. Let us know that you are going to do this.

2. Go to the Portland Cable Media website and register for the workshop.

3. Pay the $75.00 fee for the Studio Skills Building Workshop
4. Attend the three classes.
5. Volunteer on an existing program in order to be certified
6. Let Alliance for Democracy know that you have done this and we will mail you a check for half of the fee.
Then be ready to help us with our show, The Populist Dialogue. Workshop space is limited so sign up right away.

Questions: just let me know.

David e. Delk, President of the Alliance for Democracy, 503.232.5495


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