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Two ballot changes

Posted in Citizen Initiative Review, Fusion Voting, Healthy Democracy Oregon by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on October 10, 2010

You have received or will soon receive your voter pamphlet for the November election. It contains a couple of new features.

One is that the candidates have been able to receive nomination by more than one party. For the first time in decades, the Oregon legislature has allowed the use of a modified version of fusion voting. In the past candidates could only be nominated by a single party. Now candidates can be endorsed by up to three political parties.

Those nominating parties are noted immediately under the candidate’s name in the voters pamphlet with the first listed party being the primary endorsement and those following being additional endorsements. As an example, Ben Cannon is running for reelection as a state representative. His listed party endorsements are Democrat, Working Families, and Independent. Democrat is his primary party. The Working Families Party and the Independent Party have also nominated him.

When you receive your ballot it will list Ben Cannon with the abbreviations of each of those parties listed with his name all on a single line. With true fusion, his name would appear three times, once for each party nomination. Thus allowing the voter to not only vote for him if they desired but to also vote for the party. Having this ability to choose the party would be even more empowering to the third parties when they co-nominate.

I rode next to Ben Cannon on the bus the other day and I let him know that I was very pleased at having the use of fusion in our elections but that I want the full version – to be able to vote not just for him but also let him know the party and its principles that I support in voting for him. Now is the time to let those running know that you don’t want just a piece; you want the full pie.

The other new item this election is that their was a citizen review of two of the initiatives, 73 and 74. 73 is the Kevin Mannix sponsored measure for increased mandatory minimum sentences for certain repeat sex offenders and certain repeat intoxicated drivers. 74 establishes a medical marijuana supply system.

More details on the citizen review process are below from the group which developed the process. In the voters pamphlet you will find the reviews immediately following the Explanatory Statement and before the arguments in favor and in opposition to each measure.

The hope is that this process of citizen review will be expanded to cover all initiatives in the future.

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy, 503.232.5495,

The results are in! Today, for the first time, the results of the Citizens’ Initiative Reviews—nonpartisan, fair, and balanced evaluations of ballot measures by a panel of Oregon voters—appeared in the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet.

This information from the CIR is a valuable resource to voters, but they can only take advantage of it if they know it’s there. That’s where you come in.  Healthy Democracy Oregon needs your help in getting the word out. Here’s what you can do:

·      Take a minute to look at the results (Measure 73 and Measure 74) and share them with friends and colleagues. 

·      Join Healthy Democracy Oregon on Facebook and Twitter

·      Sign up at Healthy Democracy Oregon’s website to volunteer to write a letter to your local paper, volunteer, or make a donation.

The Citizens’ Initiative Review brought together two panels of 24 randomly selected, demographically balanced Oregon voters. Each panel spent 5 days hearing presentations from proponents and opponents, discussing the issue with experts, and finally evaluating the measure. The results of those reviews, the Citizens’ Statements, will appear in the Voters’ Pamphlet as a tool to help voters make decisions on Measures 73 and 74. 

Our initiative process is often short on deliberation and well-reasoned facts. The Citizens’ Initiative Review seeks to provide voters with real facts about ballot measures, vetted by panels of citizens.   This is a first for democracy in Oregon, and the first such experiment with direct citizen evaluation of ballot measures in the nation.

 Since this is the first time voters will have access to the information from the Citizens’ Initiative Review in their Voters’ Pamphlet, it’s important that everyone who supports the CIR pitch in by helping to spread the word to their friends and colleagues. Voters will use the CIR if they know about it! Help us get the word out and improve democracy in Oregon.

· Share the results in the Voters’ Pamphlet

· Join us on Facebook and Twitter

· Sign up to volunteer or donate!

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