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Posted in Public Funding, Voter Owned Elections by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on October 3, 2010

Following is a message from the Voter-Owned Elections campaign here in Portland asking for contributions so that they can print and distribute campaign lawn signs.  With ballots coming out in a couple of weeks and the election day just about 4 weeks away, we need to spread the good word that our system of publicly funding candidate elections has been a success and is one of the political system reforms that we must have.  We need to get the YES on 26-108 message out.
All the details are below.
Give if you can. 

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter, 503.232.549


Okay, just kidding. But isn’t it funny how words on a sign (or in a subject line) can make you stop to learn more?
Our new lawn signs might not be quite as eye-catching as “Free Beer,” but they are still pretty darn great. And most importantly, they send the signal loud and clear that we have support from everyday Portlanders, just like you.
So here’s the deal. Just like there is no such thing as a free beer (or lunch or however that saying goes), signs don’t grow on trees either. In fact, those suckers are expensive!
Can you help us double our order?
During the course of the campaign, we’ve identified hundreds of Portlanders who want a Voter-Owned Elections lawn sign for their yard. But we simply don’t have the budget to fill an order that big.
We need to raise $547.50 to DOUBLE our purchase.
In a campaign like this one, where most Portlanders aren’t even familiar with Voter-Owned Elections, yard signs play a critical role. They communicate to folks that people living in their own neighborhoods care enough about an issue to stick a sign in their yard for a couple of weeks to help spread a message that’s important to them. 
Can you chip in $50 so that we can order 10 more lawn signs? How about $25 to get 5 more signs on the streets of Portland? Or $5 so that we can bring you a lawn sign…
Make a contribution of any size right now, and we’ll turn it into lawn signs. We can get to $547.50 if everybody chips in a little.
And oh yeah, if you want a lawn sign yourself, reply to this email with your address and we’ll bring you one!
Thanks y’all,
The Voter-Owned Elections Team Friends Voter-Owned Elections (Yes on 26-108)
2236 SE 10th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214
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