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Korea Free Trade Agreement Teach In‏

Posted in Korea Free Trade Agreement, Sen Ron Wyden, South Korea Free Trade Agreement by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on September 30, 2010

 President Obama recently announced plans to push the Korea Free Trade Agreement immediately after the November elections. Itʼs not too late to stop it, but our time is short! Attend our down-and-dirty, action-oriented teach-in to learn:

How many and what types of jobs Oregon should expect to lose if the Korea FTA passes

Why Oregon legislators are warning the Korea FTA poses a threat to state environmental laws
• The message our Korean allies are sending regarding this agreement
The special role Oregon plays in the Korea debate & how you can make a difference

Panelists include Alliance for Democracyʼs David Delk on investment issues;

PSUʼs Barbara Dudley on financial deregulation; the Oregon Fair Trade

Campaignʼs Arthur Stamoulis on job loss; and other long-time trade activists!
Where:  AFSCME Coucil  75 Building at 6025 E. Burnside
When:  Thursday, Oct 7 starting at 7 PM. 

Leaflet and flyer pdf are attached.  Please print and post or hand out.  Note that the flyers are 2 sided.  The back side has this note about Senator Wyden:

Urge Sen. Wyden to Oppose the Korea Free Trade Agreement

The Bush-negotiated Korea Free Trade Agreement is the biggest FTA since NAFTA.  Help protect jobs and the environment in Oregon and beyond by doing your part to defeat this old-model trade pact.
Senator Ron Wyden, who chairs the Senate Trade Subcommittee, will play a crucial role in determining whether or not the Korea FTA Moves forward.
Please call Senator Wyden today at 503.326.7525 and tell him you oppose the Korea Free Trade Agreement.  


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