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Sign online petition: Create Jobs, Hands off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid‏

Posted in Jobs with Justice, Social Security by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on September 5, 2010

OK, it is RALLY time!

Sept 15 (Wed) at Senator Wyden’s office.  All the details are below.

To deliver petitions to our congressional delegation demanding that they creat jobs, keep their hands off social security, medicare and medicaid.  Portland Jobs with Justice is circulating the petition and you can sign in one of two ways. 

One,  click here and sign the on-line petition.
Two, print the pdf file, sign it, get some other people to sign it and then mail it in to the Jobs with Justice office.  Their address is 6025 E Burnside, Portland, OR 97215

and then the last think is to attend the rally.  Don’t go alone.  Bring a friend or two or three.

 Under the rally announcement below is a letter to the editor at the Oregonian which was published a couple weeks ago in case you missed it written by me.

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter, 503.232.5495

Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 15:38:11 -0700
Subject: [Justeconannounce] Sign online petition:Create Jobs, Hands off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Dear Friends,

 Here is an opportunity to sign a petition to our congressional delegation calling on them to fight for desperately needed jobs and to stand against anycuts to Social Security and other safety net programs!

 Corporate profits of the Fortune 500 are just about back to normal and these companies are sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash! Banks’ profits are up and lending is down. Job creation isn’t keeping pace with new workers coming into the job market. Instead of bold action to create jobs, members of Congress from both sides of the aisle hide behind the deficit hype. Key congressional leaders are even saying that it is now time to reduce the deficit by cutting Social Security! Shouldn’t we be seeing a fight in Congress for a massive jobs program and a commitment to strengthening the social safety net, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? 

 To help build a fire under Congress, Jobs with Justice is circulating a petition to Oregon’s members of Congress calling on them to sign this pledge: 

I pledge to oppose all efforts to diminish in any way our social safety net benefits, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  Further, I will act to improve the solid foundations of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid by assuring that any additional funds needed shall be gained through placing the burden on the very wealthy whose incomes have skyrocketed as their taxes fell since the 80’s.

“I pledge to work to develop a public program that will create millions of sustainable, living wage jobs and, as an immediate first step, I pledge to co-sponsor the Miller Jobs Bill.”  (The Miller Jobs Bill, also known as the “Local Jobs for America Act,” H.R. 4812/S. 3500would save or create one million state and local jobs.)

 Please take this opportunity to sign the petition to our congressional delegation here:

 Further action steps:

 * Please circulate this petition to your friends, family, co-workers and to all your online lists. A PDF of the paper version is available here

* Come to the JwJ full mobilization on September 15th that is part of the national JwJ “Jobs Emergency Day of Action” where we will deliver the petition! Tell your friends.

Wednesday, Sept. 15th

4:15pm: Gather @ the Corner of NE 6th & Holladay St.

4:30pm:  March

5:15: Rally @ Sen. Wyden’s Office 911 NE 11th Ave.

David Delk’s letter:

(published on 8-22-10)

 The false Social Security crisis being promoted by the fiscal conservatives and other corporate apologists is in fact a battle between corporations who won’t pay their fair share and us workers who stand to lose our current levels of benefits.

 The solution to the “crisis” is removing the cap on what income is subject to the tax. Currently, the tax is not applied to earned income in excess of $106,800 or to income derived from investments.

 But our big-business corporations want the caps to continue.

 Corporate America’s opposition to sustainable level funding of Social Security is explained by their interest in maintaining their bottom lines and their profit margins. If all income were taxed, they would have to cough up the matching funds.

 Their representatives, the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, and big-business apologists in Congress and conservative think tanks prefer that we discuss cuts to benefits when the answer is simple: tax all income


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