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Voter Owned Elections – you can help NOW!‏

Posted in Public Funding, Voter Owned Elections by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on August 29, 2010


Alliance for Democracy supporter Ethan Scarl has been working with the Voter Owned Elections campaign and sends this message.  Voter Owned Elections provides public funding to candidate in city of Portland elections to candidate who qualify by getting a certain number of $5 contribution and limit their campaign spending only to those dollars which they receive from the public funding mechanism. 

The November election is only about 10 weeks away.  At least in my mind, this is THE issue for the November ballot and we need to support its passage with all our might.

Please forward this message.

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter, 503.232.5495

Can Portland Keep Its Voter-Owned Election Program?

When a City Commissioner advocates a costly program, I usually wonder whether or not it just might be benefiting someone who contributed to his campaign. Of course,I don’t know, and like most citizens I’m probably not going to do the research it would take to find out. But suspicion never quite goes away unless the Commissioner used public financing for his campaign. If he didn’t, I don’t know whose pockets he is in. I only know I’d feel more sure of his motivation if those pockets were mine. If he had committed to using the Voter-Owned Elections program, I would be much more confident that he is acting in our public interest.”  (I use ‘he’ here, because none of the male Commissioners on City Council have used Voter Owned Election yet.)

Honest government is worth so much, one could call it priceless. Voter Owned Election is the best investment we can make in a clean corruption-free future.

Portland’s Voter Owned Election program requires that the voters approve its continuation, and that is happening this November. If you would like to help, the campaign now needs volunteers to help with phone banking and data entry.

To help with phone banking, come to the Voter Owned Election’s campaign headquarters at the The Bus Project, 333 SE 2nd Avenue (between Pine and Oak Streets), between 5:30 and 8:30pm, Monday through Thursday. Sundays or other times could also work – Call Nate Gulley at 503-776-0460 to check.

Data entry can be done during those same hours or during the day.  Again, call Nate to check on times that are convenient for you.


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