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Grocers move to eliminate plastic bags‏

Posted in Ban the bag, Mayor Sam Adams by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on July 20, 2010

Mayor Adams has prepared a draft plan for banning the use of single use plastic bags in the City of Portland.  The Alliance for Democracy is in support of the enactment of such a ban and calls on all our friends to show support.  Below is Mayor Adams’ email message of Monday which includes links to the plan itself as well as a place for you to make comments.  Note that the deadline for making comments on the plan is July 23, Friday of this week.

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter, 503.232.5495

From: Mayor Sam Adams []
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 11:01 AM
Subject: Grocers move to eliminate plastic bags

Dear friends,

Last Friday, I made public the City’s draft plan to ban single-use plastic carry-out bags and have stores collect 5-cent charges on paper bags. And over just the past weekend, support for the approach has been on the rise.

  • First, the Oregonian published an editorial on Saturday supporting our approach. You can read that editorial by clicking on this link:
  • Then, on Sunday, Fred Meyer Stores announced their plan to stop using single-use plastic carry-out bags in all their Portland stores starting August 1, 2010! I applaud Fred Meyer for their leadership on this issue. Fred Meyer joins other great brands in our region that have made the transition away from plastic and toward paper and reusable bags. Some stores — like Zupan’s Marketplace, Whole Foods and Market of Choice have shifted away from single-use plastic carry-out bags for years. Others, like New Seasons Market, have never offered plastic bags, responding to shoppers’ demands for paper and reusable bags.
  • And great advocacy organizations like Surfrider Foundation and Environment Oregon continue their grassroots outreach, adding thousands of supporters in the region to their efforts to Ban the Bag. To learn more and get involved, go to:
  • So, to add your voice to the conversation about banning plastic bags in Portland, visit, take a look at the proposed ordinance and Frequently Asked Questions, and leave us a comment. The deadline for public comments is this Friday, July 23.

It’s time for Portland to take action. Portlanders are ready, Portland’s businesses are ready, and the approach is right. Please join me and thousands of your friends and neighbors, and remember to thank those stores that are making the move to ban plastic bags.


Sam Adams

Mayor, City of Portland

Mayor Sam Adams
1221 SW Fourth Ave
Room 340
Portland, Oregon 97204

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