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State bag ban starts here/Fed Estate Tax‏

Posted in Ban the bag, Environment Oregon, Federal estate tax, Sen. Sanders by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on June 25, 2010

This is just one more of our emails about banning plastic bags, a “cause” Alliance for Democracy has taken up after Doc. Don bought up the topic of the plastic “island” floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Shortly, thereafter Environment Oregon started to focus on this as well, so we are passing on their messages from time to time. 
We need to stop the use of plastic bags and other containers as soon as possible.  No clearer evidence of the need exists today than the BP gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.
On a separate note, the Alliance for Democracy has long supported a federal estate tax.  Sen. Bernie Sanders yesterday introduced legislation for such a tax which would be only apply to the weathliest 3% of American estates, would be progressive in nature (the rates are higher has the estate gets larger) and an additional 10% surcharge would apply to estates valued at over 1 billion dollars. I haven’t read the bill yet but it is certainly moving in the right direction.  Read the story on the Raw Story

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter, 503.232.5495

Hi David ,

When Mayor Sam Adams was elected in 2008, he and the city commissioners promised to make banning plastic bags one of their highest priorities. But they’ve delayed taking action time and again.

Meanwhile, the toxic soup of trash in the Pacific has expanded. Oregon alone has used more than 2.4 billion plastic bags in the past year, too many of which have ended up in our waterways, on our beaches, and in the ocean. Twelve percent of Oregon’s marine debris is plastic bags.

Tell the City of Portland and our regional government to ban the bag!

From the experience in other states, it’s clear that local bag bans are critical to get statewide action. In California, several cities including San Francisco and Los Angeles have imposed bans or fees on plastic bags. As a result, the California grocery stores asked for a statewide ban. Just three weeks ago, the California Assembly passed what may become America’s first statewide ban.

So, while Environment Oregon is working feverishly for a statewide ban, we’ve seen in California that the key for Oregon will be a series of local bag bans across the state. That’s why we’re working in Portland and seven other cities to ban the bag.

And the fact is, cities cannot afford not to ban the bag. Plastic bags get stuck in sewers and irrigation canals, causing overflows and costing millions of dollars in maintenance and repairs. And plastic bags gum up recyclers’ sorting machines, costing private and public facilities thousands of dollars every month.

Tell Mayor Adams and the City commissioners that it’s time to ban the bag!
And thanks, as always, for making it all possible.
Nicole Forbes
Environment Oregon Field Organizer
P.S. Feel free to share this e-mail with your friends and family.


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