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TPP – New Deal or No Deal!‏

Posted in DeFazio, NAFTA, Sen. Merkley, TPP, Trade Act of 2009, Trans Pacific Partnership, WTO by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on June 8, 2010

Feels like we have gone back a decade in that we need to pay attention again to the whole realm of trade agreements as the Obama Adminsration negotiates the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Because this new agreement is still being negotiated, we don’t know what it will look like, just more of the same model for these agreement first bought to us by Presidents Bush the first and Bill Clinton (NAFTA, WTO) or will this agreement be based on the principles outlined in The TRADE ACT of 2009 (HR3012, S2821). 

The TRADE ACT of 2009 (co-sponsored by Rep. Peter DeFazio and David Wu but no other representative from Oregon; since Senator Merkley was elected he has joined the co-sponsors in the US Senate, one of eight) lays out a new model for these types of agreements and requires a review of all existing “free” trade agreements, and the incorporation of strong protections for jobs, the environment and democracy in the bill’s themselves instead of as ineffective “side” agreements.  When NAFTA was approved, President Clinton promised that these “side” agreements would protect the environment and jobs, but that proved to be a false promise. Unless it is in the agreement, it might as well not exist.
So, next week starting on Monday (note that the Public Citizen email below says July14; it should say June 14), negotiators will be in San Francisco for round two of the negotiations.  Public Citizen in their email blast is asking for letters to the editor called for no new “old” style agreements and that this agreement should be based on the new model.  This would also be a good time to contact your US Representative and Senators either asking them to co-sponsor the TRADE ACT of 2009 or thanking them for doing so. 
Letters to editor can be sent to
The Oregonian
The Tribune
Email addresses or mailing addresses for our US Representatives and Senator are available here:

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter, 503.232.5495


Action Alert – New Deal or No Deal on the Transpacific Partnership!
Will Obama’s 1st Trade Deal Look Like His Fair Trade Committments?

 Say it on the editorial page: New Deal or No Deal on Obama's first  trade pact!
Say it on the editorial page: New deal, or no deal on the TPP!

Dear David,

On July 14, the Obama administration will host round two of negotiations for what could be the president’s first trade deal. Officials from seven Asian/Pacific countries will hold Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks in San Francisco. Will these talks result in another NAFTA or the trade turnaround President Obama promised?

Whether TPP talks will translate into President Obama’s fair trade commitments depends on you! The usual corporate interests are digging in to block true reforms, such as the TRADE Act. They’re beside themselves pressuring Obama to continue business as usual. They want him to take ownership of the failed NAFTA model by ensuring that his first trade pact – the TPP – is cut from the same stained cloth. Spreading the word this week is crucial to holding Obama to his fair trade commitments.

Make your voice heard in next week’s TPP negotiations! Write a letter to the editor of your paper and demand a wholly new trade model.

Obama inherited from former President George W. Bush three leftover NAFTA-style pacts with Colombia, Panama and Korea. These deals are tremendously unpopular with the American public and Congress. Thanks to you, they’ve been sidelined. As a result, TPP talks have become the proving ground for Obama’s trade policy. The administration must make a clean break from the failed NAFTA past and move toward a fair trade future that puts workers, the environment and the public interest ahead of corporate profits.

Write a letter to the editor and remind your elected officials that the American people won’t stand for more of the same job-offshoring trade deals!

Sadly, despite the president’s commitments, some in the Obama administration still favor the failed, old NAFTA model (some even helped create it during the Clinton administration). It seems they may be trying to play a PR shell game, rebranding the same old NAFTA-style deal as a 21st Century, high standard trade agreement so they can try to sell it to a skeptical U.S. public and Congress.

But we won’t fall for it! We know what Obama promised and what Congress is demanding, and it is 100 percent clear in the TRADE Act. Anything less is just a public relations whitewash. That’s why it is so critical more members of Congress cosponsor the bill now!

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper to demand that any new Obama trade deal embodies the high standards laid out in the TRADE Act.

We first told you about the TPP in March, when negotiations included the U.S., Australia, Chile, Singapore, Peru, New Zealand, Brunei and Vietnam. Since then, the governments of Malaysia and Canada have expressed interest in joining the talks, bringing the total to a possible 10 countries to be covered by the pact. That’s why it is so critical we make our voices heard on the editorial pages this week.

There’s a growing consensus that the TRADE Act is the best pathway out of our job-killing trade policy past. It should serve as the roadmap to the future – and as Obama’s TPP negotiating positions.

Let the editor know that any Transpacific Partnership deal has to fulfill Obama’s commitments and meet the principles of the TRADE Act.

The U.S. public and Congress won’t settle for anything less than a wholly new trade model – one that creates jobs, protects against climate change and environmental destruction, ensures food and product safety, and doesn’t allow corporations to challenge our laws in foreign tribunals.

Say it loud, proud and on the editorial page: We need a new deal, or there’s no deal on the TPP!

Thanks for all you do,

James Ploeser – Senior Organizer
Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch


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