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Nestle in Cascade Locks, Black Panther Party event, and Instant Runoff Voting‏

Posted in Black Panther Party, Campaign contributions, Instant Runoff Voting, Jules Boykoff by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on March 5, 2010

Information on Nestle in Cascade Locks, presentation on the Black Panther Party in Portland and Instant Runoff Voting at the Oscars There will be a meeting on March 11 (thursday) sponsored by Nestle in Cascade Locks.  Nestle has proposed building a water bottling plant there in economically depress Cascade Locks and the opposition is growing.  Details on this are below.  We need to be there. There are some suggested questions we can ask of Nestle but let’s think about some other questions:
*  Will Nestle promise not to make political contributions to our elected officials while they are in Oregon?  And not just to our elected officials, but to political campaigns as well
*  Will Nestle promise not to employ lobbyists in our cities or in Salem which they are doing business in Oregon?  Will they recogize that they should only speak when spoken to or when asked to?
*  If Nestle were forced for any reason in the future to close their plant, would they hold the community of Cascade Locks as well as the State of Oregon harmless from claims due to lost future profits.
*  If Nestle operations prove to be harmful or are suspected of being harmful for whatever reason, would Nestle compensate the people of Cascade Locks as well as the State of Oregon for the full and complete repair of that harm.
*  Will Nestle recognize that while operating in the City of Cascade Locks and the State of Oregon that the company has no rights under the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Oregon.  This would include rights acknowledged tobe the right of people under the 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments specifically and any other rights which they may in other places attempt to assert.
*  With promises that this plant will assist the local economy, will they guarantee that 75% (just to pick a number) of the people hired to work at the plant will be residents of Cascade Locks and that they will maintain that level of local employment as long as they operate this plant.  (They say that about 40 jobs will be created and that they will be local jobs but they define local to include a much larger geographic area).
Our friend Jules Boykoff, political science professor at Pacific University in Forest Grove, will present on the Portland Black Panther Party and Local Media Response on Thursday March 18th.  His guests will include Kent Ford and Percy Hampton, original members of the Portland BP Party.  Details below. Jules wrote the book , Beyond Bullets, The Suppression of Dissent in the United States, which includes materials on the Black Panther Party and the efforts of the FBI to destroy the Black Panther Party.  As he documents, in Chicago that effort included the assassination of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark.

Next,  Just for fun and to illustrate how Instant Runoff Voting works, join the folks at Fair Vote for Oscar Night.  The members of the Academy use Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) to determine the winners of all those Oscars and we should be using it to select the winners of our political races as well.  IRV ensures that the winner of a multi-candidate race has a majority of the votes cast without the use of expensive run-off elections and creates a honest system without the so-called spoiler effect that third party or independent candidate are accused of having on our elections.

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter, 503.232.5495


 Nestlé is Hosting a Public Meeting on March 11th in Cascade Locks Regarding the Proposed Water Bottling Facility 

 As you recall, Nestlé has set its eyes on bottling our spring water in our Oregon town of Cascade Locks.  The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has the water rights from the spring to use for their fish hatchery. For Nestlé to access to our spring water, ODFW must first transfer part of that water right to the City of Cascade Locks. Cascade Locks intends to then sell that spring water to Nestlé. Nestlé has a track record of coming into economically depressed towns, making promises they do not keep, and ultimately, that local community’s get a bad deal. To see more information on Nestlé’s past practices in the US, please check out All Bottled Up, a report on Nestlé’s determined pursuit of community drinking water. 

 Nestlé will be hosting a town-hall style meeting on the 11th of March, next Thursday, from 7 to 9 p.m. in Cascade Locks. This meeting will be held in the Pavilion at the Port of Cascade Locks, 535 WaNaPa Street, Cascade Locks.  Nestlé has invited Kittleson & Associates to present their preliminary findings on commissioned traffic evaluation studies of the potential impact of the water bottling facility truck traffic.   We encourage you to attend and ask Nestlé’s representative questions. Such as: 

  • Will WaNaPa Ave. be part of the truck route for trucks heading toward I-84 westbound? Is the Frontage Road, surrounded in certain sections on both sides by wetlands, able to handle this proposed level of truck traffic?  If not, are alternative solutions available? Are there potential environmental impacts of these solution(s)?  Furthermore, who will foot the cost to get that road infrastructure up to standards to handle this level of truck traffic? 
  • How much money will Nestlé make from bottling the community’s water and how much does this compare to what the company is offering Cascade Locks? 
  • Nestlé Waters North America closed its Calistoga Beverage Company facility in California earlier this year after an earlier layoff. Nestle has seen a continued drop in bottled water sales over the past two years: a drop of 2.7% in 2008 according to their own reporting plus a decline in bottled water sales of at least 5% in 2009.  Can Nestle promise to keep a fully staffed water bottling facility in Cascade Locks if the demand continues to dry up and the sales continue to decline?

There are many more questions you should have for Nestlé.  This is why we urge you and your like-minded friends and family to attend this meeting on the 11th to ask these hard questions. Let Nestlé and the local decision makers know that you do not support a Nestlé water bottling facility in the Columbia River Gorge.   For further information please contact Julia at Food & Water Watch at or 503-241-6556. Also, if you would like to add your name to our petition asking ODFW to not transfer these state water rights to Cascade Locks for sale to Nestle and state your disapproval of any water bottling facility in the Gorge please do so here.

 Julia DeGraw

Northwest Organizer
Food & Water Watch
917 SW Oak St, Suite 404
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 241-6556

The Northwest History Network presents:
“We’re going to defend ourselves”:
The Portland Chapter of the Black Panther Party & Local Media Response

A presentation by Jules Boykoff & Martha Gies with special guests Kent Ford & Percy Hampton, original members of the Portland chapter, Black Panther Party

 Thursday, March 18, 7:00 pm

Architectural Heritage Center, 701 SE Grand Avenue (Admission is free)

More information: James at

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