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Alliance for Democracy e-News: February 22, 2010‏

Below is latest e-newsletter from National Alliance for Democracy. Enjoy.  And if you are not a member of the national Alliance for Democracy please consider joining. There is a easy link in the email. 

One benefit for you in joining the national AfD is that you will receive future editions of Justice Rising.  The next edition is out in the next month and it’s focus will be corporate personhood and the Citizens United v FEC Supreme Court decision.  You don’t want to miss it.

The other thing is that when you join, you can designate your contribution to go to benefit Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy (OREP), a project of the Alliance for Democracy.  OREP has been advocating and working with the Oregon Legislature and the Oregon Public Utility Committee in developing a program of Feed-in Tariffs like the program in Germany which has propelled Germany to the lead position in development of renewable energy and job creation as a result.  Oregon has taken a forward position in the US and is the only state l which has mandated in the legislation that a large percentage of the program has to be for small renewable solar projects.  This is going to mean that Oregonians will soon (well, after the rules making process is complete at the PUC) see a great increase of the number of rooftop solar projects.  More details on our efforts and on the details of Feed in Tariffs is available on the OREP website,

So when you join the national AfD, don’t forget to designate your contribution for OREP.  And those contributions are tax-deductable.

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter, 503.232.5495

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 18:59:33 -0500
Subject: Alliance for Democracy e-News: February 22, 2010

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Many members responded to our end-of-year appeal, and if you have, thanks very much–you’re helping to keep us strong at a time when our message needs to be heard! But if that envelope’s still sitting on your desk, don’t wait–please contribute as generously as you can. Renew your membership or give an extra gift–any amount will help! Or give online through Groundspring/Network for Good at

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Please forward widely!
Alliance for Democracy e-News, February 22, 2010

In this issue:
1. Amend the Constitution to protect the rights of people, communities and nature
2. Welcome to new Council members
3. Look for Justice Rising, out soon!
4. Action for health care
5. Move Your Money

Amend the Constitution to protect the rights of people, communities and nature

Join us to educate, organize and build the grassroots movement that puts the rights of people, our communities and of nature into the Constitution.

On January 21, the day of the Citizens United v. FEC ruling, we sent you an email to announce the Alliance had joined the Campaign to Legalize Democracy

(CLD), working with more than 50 other groups to form a broad grassroots movement to amend the U.S. Constitution to deny corporations “personhood” and take back all constitutional rights conferred on them piecemeal by the Supreme Court over the decades, including the right to free speech under the First Amendment.
Since that date, more than 63,000 individuals have signed the Campaign’s pledge to amend the Constitution

on behalf of personhood rights, voter rights, and community sovereignty. Among these people, thousands have contacted the Campaign and its member groups to find out what they can do locally to organize on behalf of these goals.
Other campaigns are focused solely on denying or limiting corporations First Amendment rights and limiting money in politics. These are only half measures. We need a broad amendment to take the Bill of Rights and 14th Amendment back from the corporations.

Read this OpEd

by Nancy Price and David Delk, published by newspapers in California, Oregon and Maine, which explains the Supreme Court case and what’s at stake here.
What we are doing
The Alliance is playing an active part in the CLD. National council member Nancy Price is working with the CLD Take-Actions subcommittee and the Backbone campaign to develop a menu of local actions, from candidate and legislator questionnaires, to resources for study groups, ideas for demonstrations, stand-outs and street theater and July 4th events. Want to make a corporate person? See this!
The Alliance is a co-sponsor along with other groups of the tour by Riki Ott and David Cobb to a number of towns and cities in Oregon and Washington states during the last weeks of February and first week of March. We’ve sent out email notices to our members at each stop and urge you to mark your calendar and take family and friends to hear them. Here’s the flyer for the

Ashland OR event, February 25th and list of the other stops. Visit the calendar page on the CLD site to see additional tour dates and locations near you.
Alliance chapters are planning outreach events as well. In Concord, Mass., members of the North Bridge Alliance are working with other local groups to bring Jeff Clement, who authored an amicus curiae brief supporting the FEC, John Bonifaz of the National Voting Rights Institute, and Mary Zepernick of POCLAD to speak on the decision and the range of possible constitutional, legislative and regulatory remedies.

And chapters are reforming in Albany NY, Davis CA, and Austin TX, where former Alliance members are fired up and determined to act on behalf of democracy. If you’re close to either city and would like to connect with these efforts, email the office at, and we’ll put you in touch with organizers. And if you’re organizing locally, let us know, and we’ll help support and publicize your good work! If you’d like to invite an AfD speaker to lead a workshop on corporate personhood or speak at a rally, let the office know–we are setting up a Speakers Bureau.

Welcome to new council members
There are new faces on the National Council following our 2010 election. We thank everyone who took the time to cast a ballot–the “turnout” was great! You may read about the new members here.

Look for Justice Rising, coming out soonThis issue of Justice Rising: Grassroots Solutions to Corporate Domination – Courts & Corporations v. Our Common Good, will be out in early March, and it couldn’t be more timely. It focuses on the judiciary and the Supreme Court’s role in cementing the false legal doctrine of corporate personhood that over decades has given the hard-won rights of persons to corporations. There is much in this issue about how the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission has been the tipping point for building a broad national grassroots movement, community by community, restore democracy to the people and strip corporations of their rights.

If you are planning local actions, starting up a study group on corporate personhood, or planning on talking to legislators about how they can limit the harm of the Citizens United decision, you’ll want to order multiple copies of this issue. Put your order now, so we’ll know how large the printing should be. Call the office at 781-894-1179 or email

Remember, issues of Justice Rising are also available online  either as complete issues or as single articles-download them to bring with you when you table, demonstrate, or visit elected officials!

Health care actionsForget what the pundits tell you–the fight for single payer isn’t over and the public option isn’t dead. Healthcare-Now! is organizing a “sidewalk summit” on February 25 in Washington DC and urges single-payer supporters to do the same in their communities. A sidewalk summit brings you and your supporters out to an appropriate federal building-your local VA? Your legislator’s district office?–for short statements on the state of health care and the need for comprehensive reform. Political or personal, use the summit as an opportunity to share your views and make clear – this issue will not go away until we have quality health care for all. Here are some

talking points; visit this page to find events near where you live.
Last week four senators–including two who face re-election–wrote Sen. Harry Reid requesting that a public option be passed in the Senate through reconciliation, rather than by a 61-vote supermajority. Sixteen additional Senators have since signed on. Please call your Senator and ask that he or she join this effort. In addition, 119 House members send Reid a letter in support of passing the health reform bill through reconciliation. Read more about these initiatives here

, and learn more about the letter and the reconciliation process from Sen. Bernie Sanders, interviewed by Rachel Maddow, here.
Lastly, the fight for single payer can continue at the state level with an ERISA waiver-see this blog post for more information, and if you haven’t called your rep on this issue, do it now! Many state efforts are moving ahead and need to be protected from federal challenge.

“Move Your Money” from Wall Street to Main Street

Financial and regulatory reforms of Wall Street are stalled in Congress. So don’t you wait. If your bank is or almost is “too big to fail,”

listen to Robert Johnson explain why you should “Move Your Money” into a local or regional bank or credit union. Find a bank near you by entering your zip code at “Move Your Money.” Local/regional banks provide better, more personal service, and needed loans to local/regional business.
Do your homework. Ask questions and make comparisons: interest rates on savings and checking accounts, services, on-line payments of bills, use of bank’s ATM card nationwide and more. Be sure to change your automatic monthly bill payments and redirect automatic deposits for salary, social security and other income to this new account. “This move is very empowering,” says Co-Chair Nancy Price. It took me about three weeks to get everything done to switch to our local Credit Union.”

As a member or supporter of the Alliance for Democracy, you’ll receive a monthly e-mail newsletter to update you on our work and alert you to ways you can act to support it. We will also send you periodic “Action Alerts” that pertain to our campaigns and those of allied groups.

If you’d like to unsubscribe from our e-mail newsletter or the Action Alerts, please reply to this e-mail with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line or click on the link below. Thanks for your ongoing interest and support of the Alliance!

The Alliance for Democracy

PO Box 540115, Waltham, MA 02454
781-894-1179 *


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