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Strip corporations of personhood/two AfD sponsored events this weekend

Posted in corporate personhood by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on February 18, 2010

Alliance for Democracy national co-chairs, David Delk and Nancy Price, are published in the on-line version of the Oregonian in an op-ed titled Strip Corporations of Personhood.  Read it and comment if you like at
Alliance for Democracy is co-sponsoring two events this weekend. 
The first is on Saturday, Feb 20. 
The Greening of Nuclear – Fact or Fiction?
In today’s Oregonian was the news story that Pres Obama will extend loan guarantees of $8 billion for construction of 2 new nuclear plants in Georgia.  In the announcement he describes nuclear as a “new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants in America.” 
Is the President right?  Is nuclear the new clean energy or is this a myth developed and promoted by the nuclear industry? 
Lloyd Marbet says nuclear is not the new clean solution to global changes
Duane Ray say that nuclear has a place in lessening the amount of global changing carbons in the atmosphere.
Saturday Feb 20 starting at 10 AM.  Doors open at 9:30
First Unitarian Church, SW 12th and Salmon.
The second event is a showing of a new documentary titled Full Signal.
As cell phone usage more and more cellular antennas pop up in our neighborhoods and people increasingly question their health and environmental effects.  “Full Signal” talks to a number of leading scientists that have been studying the effects of cellular technology on human beings for years.
For Alliance for Democracy this interests us because the federal government at the behest of the cellular industry has taken control of antenna location away from the local people and given almost a blank check to the corporations.
Sunday, Feb 21, at 4 PM
Hollywood Theater
Movie will be followed by Q & A with the movie’s director, Talal Jabari.
More info at


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