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We don’t talk much about “Free Trade” agreements much any more but these agreements should still be a burning issue.  Pres. Bush signed several agreements which could be bought to congress for votes at any time.  Those agreements are with So. Korea, Panama and Columbia.  These are trade agreements on the corporate model designed to empower multi-national corporations while undermining the ability of government at all levels to operate in the interest of the people.

The TRADE ACT on the other hand is a model for what trade agreements should look like and would mandate the examination of all current “Free Trade” agreements in order to meet the standards set in the TRADE ACT.

Below are two pieces of interest:  one from our friends at Oregon Fair Trade Campaign announcing a rally at Sen Wyden’s office calling for his support of the TRADE ACT.  While Sen Merkley has signed on as a co-sponsor, Sen Wyden has made no commitment. He is the chair of the Senate Subcommittee on International Trade.  He needs to hear from us.  Included in the article is a link for taking online action.

The second piece below is from Public Citizen announcing that a majority of House Democrats now support the TRADE Act.  Among Oregon’s congressional delegation, Peter DeFazio and David Wu are both co-sponsors.  Earl Blumenauer has stated that the act has some good features but not made a commitment to support it.  Greg Walden in eastern Oregon and our newest delegate member, Kurt Schrader, have not committed.

There is a push now to contact Rep. Schrader and ask him to support Fair Trade, not “Free Trade”, by supporting the TRADE ACT.  This should be a easy position for him to take as among his top five campaign contributors are the AFSCME and the Operating Engineers labor union.  Labor has been and continues to be a big supporter of the TRADE ACT.  Contact info for his offices are:
In Oregon City, 112 8th Street, Oregon City, OR 97045, Phone: (503) 557-1324, Fax: (503) 557-1981
In Salem, 494 State Street, Suite 210, Salem, OR 97301; Phone: (503) 588-910; Fax: (503) 588-5517; Toll Free: 1-877-301-Kurt (5878)
In Washington DC,  1419 Longworth Office Building, Washington, DC 20515, Phone: (202) 225-5711, Fax: (202) 225-5699
or email him at,7

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter 503 232 5495
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Urge Oregon’s Senior Senator to Support the TRADE Act

Join us in urging Senator Wyden to support the TRADE Act — and add your voice to those of labor leaders, displaced workers and others demanding changes to trade policy in order to stop further job loss in Oregon.  
Rally Outside the Senator’s Portland Office — including a performance by Anne Fenney
Thursday, Feb. 18 * 4:30 pm
911 NE 11th Ave * Portland, OR
Take Additional Online Action Now: 
You can also ask Senator Wyden to change his ways on trade via the online webform at:
Over the span of his career, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has supported failed trade policies and institutions like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), making it far easier for large corporations to shift jobs from the United States to countries with weaker labor and environmental standards.  Oregon has lost an estimated 75,000 jobs under these policies.  With Oregon’s official unemployment rate over 11%, we simply cannot afford to lose any more.
As Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on International Trade, Senator Wyden plays an important role in shaping the future of American trade policy.  The Oregon Fair Trade Campaign has collected 750 hand-written letters and signatures asking Senator Wyden to change his ways on trade — each one representing 100 Oregon families put out of work as a result of bad trade policies.  The letters urge the Senator to oppose expansion of business-as-usual trade agreements and to support comprehensive trade reform legislation like the TRADE Act.  
The TRADE Act (HR.3012/S.2821) would save jobs by replacing existing trade policies with ones that ensure local employers no longer have to compete with imports from overseas producers that violate labor, environmental and consumer safety standards.  It requires that these strong new standards be included in all future trade agreements, and establishes a process for renegotiating existing trade agreements like NAFTA and the WTO.  The TRADE Act also contains provisions that can improve working conditions in developing countries, potentially creating long-term new markets for American-made goods and services.
The TRADE Act is already cosponsored by a majority of Democrats in the House, and additional members of the Senate — including Oregon Congressmen David Wu and Peter DeFazio and freshman Senator Jeff Merkley.  We’re asking Senator Wyden to add his support to this important bill.  
Please join us at any of the events listed above to show your support for a new direction in trade policy.  For more info, contact the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign at (503) 736-9777 or


February 11, 2010
You Did It! New Trade Reform Majority

Make sure your Representatives and Senators are on the winning side of the growing mandate for trade reform!

Make sure your representatives and senators are on the winning side of the growing mandate for trade reform!

Dear David ,
Thanks to your advocacy, the TRADE Act – the comprehensive reform bill that turns around our failed trade policy – has reached a key milestone. The bill has won support from over half the Democrats in the House of Representatives. That’s right: because of you, we have a new trade reform majority!

The Trade Reform, Accountability, Development and Employment (TRADE) Act officially became the majority position of House Democrats when longtime trade champion Rep. George Miller – the senior California Democrat who chairs the House Committee on Education and Labor – joined California’s newly elected Rep. John Garamendi at a Bay Area press conference to announce their cosponsorship. The legislation now has 137 cosponsors, but to actually implement President Obama’s campaign commitments to trade reform – to replace NAFTA and make sure future agreements work for most people – the TRADE Act must have even more sponsors.

Take action now to be sure your representatives and senators support the TRADE Act – the growing consensus on trade reform! As you can imagine, the pro-offshoring forces pushing more-of-the-same U.S.-job-killing trade deals are not pleased by this great development on the TRADE Act and are redoubling their efforts to thwart change.

Among the long list of House cosponsors of the TRADE Act are twelve committee chairs and fifty-five sub-committee chairs – the senior and influential members that comprise the leadership of the House. The bipartisan bill also boasts the support of Republicans and blocs of members from House caucuses that rarely agree on anything – including altogether the Congressional Black (30 cosponsors), Hispanic (ten), Blue Dog (22), and New Democrat (18) caucuses.
We need to expand the House sponsorship – and get an impressive list of senators to join the bill’s original seven Senate sponsors.

Contact your representative and both of your senators today to make sure they stand with the American public’s expectation that President Obama delivers on his many campaign commitments for real trade reform.

The TRADE Act outlines a way forward to a new trade and globalization agenda that could benefit more Americans. It requires a review of existing trade pacts, including NAFTA, the WTO and other major pacts, and sets forth what must and must not be included in future trade pacts.

Contact your representative and both of your senators today to be sure they support reforms that forge a new global economy that puts working people and the environment ahead of corporate profits.

 Thanks for all that you do,
James Ploeser, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch division

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