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Hanford EIS hearings and meeting coming up. Links to comment and for more information.‏

Posted in Hanford Nuclear Reservation by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on January 30, 2010

The USDOE has issued another Environmental Impact Statement on the clean up of Hanford Nuclear Reservation.  The EIS preferred alternative is for Hanford to the national dump site for the nation’s nuclear waste.  Hanford is already the most contaminated sites in the Western Hemisphere.  All activity at Hanford should now be directed at clean-up, not storage of additional waste. There are two meeting scheduled of interest on this EIS.  One is a organizing, informational meeting organized by Heart of America Northwest (HOANW).  This is a workshop with Gerry Pollet, executive director of HOANW and Ken Niles Assistant Director of the Nuclear Safety Division of the Oregon Department of Energy.  You can learn about the risks of this EIS and prepare for the hearing. Workshop details are

Monday, Feb. 1, 2010, starting at 7:30 PM

Fremont Whole Foods (Studio 1)
3535 NE 15th Ave.
Portland OR

The second meeting a public hearing  with pre-hearing workshop and open house.  This is one of the official US  Department of Energy hearings required by the EIS process.  It is one of the ways that the public’s voice can be heard on Hanford.  Details to this hearing are

Wed. Feb 10, 7 PM.
Lloyd Center Doubletree
1000 NE Multnomah St.
Portland Or

There will be a pre-hearing workshop and open house starting at 6 PM.

The Alliance for Democracy realized that most public officials in Oregon are not aware of these hearings, the USDOE Environmental Impact Statement or that major decisions regarding the future of Hanford will be made in the next few months.  Therefore, we have written a letter addressed to all mayors, city and county commissioners in all counties bordering the Oregon side of the Columbia River informing them of these meetings and informing them of the public comment period.  Please see the attached copy as well as the Ken Niles document which we sent with it.

We hope that you will do two actions:
1.  Print the letter and mail it to your city mayor or commissioner or county commission and express your support for their comment on the USDOE EIS;  First sheet of letter, second sheet of letter.
2.  Comment on the USDOE EIS yourself. Come to the hearing on Feb 10th and, especially if you can’t come, comment on the EIS before March 19, 2010.  Your written comments may be submitted directly to

Mary Beth Burandt
DOE Draft TC&WM EIS Comments
Office of River Protection, PO Box 1178
Richland WA 99685
or email those comments to TC&
Faxed comments are accepted at 1.888.795.2865.

More information is available on the Heart of America NW website at The government’s website is at  The state of Washington website pertient to this is and the prelimiary comments from the State of Oregon are available at


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