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Posted in M66/67 by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on January 14, 2010

I have lived in Portland and Oregon almost all my life.  I never remember a progressive tax measure on the ballot but yet this month we have presented for our approval two measures which puts a little progressive into our state tax structure.  All the other past ballot measure regarding taxes have been socking it to the poor and middle class.  These measures, 66/67, are different.
I won’t go into the details of the measures.  I’m sure that everyone on this list is aware of the major features.
But I do want to encourage your active partication in the Yes campaign. 
There is wide spread support for these but we cannot rest now feeling assured of victory.  At this point, the progressive people of Oregon have likely already voted.  But that leaves all those voters who haven’t been paying attention, those who may be undecided, those who may not vote at all without a little nudge.  Let’s give them that little nudge.
How can I help, you ask? 
First, go down to the Yes campaign headquarters at 411 NE 19th Ave and phone bank.  They are phone banking every afternoon and evening.  I have been there three times in the past couple of weeks.  Many people are surprised when I say that I had never phone banked before.  But if I can do it and enjoy it, so can you.
Second,  join a neighborhood canvas.  There is nothing like a little eye to eye, person to person contact to get voters to vote and to vote yes.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday is coming up on Monday.  Many of you will have the day off. Why not meet up at the campaign headquarters and do some canvasing.  You will not be doing it alone.  So go down there and join the fun. They will be starting at 10 AM. 
Third, make a contribution (or another contribution) to the campaign. We are sure that the No campaign will be running lots of ad during these last two weeks of the campaign.  The Yes campaign needs to as well.  But the Yes campaign is running out of money.  So your contribution now would really help, because they can’t buy the air time unless they have the money in hand.  Go to the web site at   If yiou want to mail them a check, great.  Go to the same page for the address to mail to and get the other required information you need to supply when making a political contribution.
Give the campaign a call if you need more information, 503.234.0444.
As if this was not pitch enough, below is a message from Kevin Looper, Vote Yes for Oregon campaign manager.

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter

Really, you don’t want to be that person.

In twenty years of politics, I’ve talked to that person hundreds of times.

After a close election, that person always comes up and says the same thing: “Oh my, I had NO IDEA it was going to be such a tight election, or I’d have done more to help.”

That person usually speaks without meeting my eyes. I do the same. It’s an awkward conversation to have, what with both of us looking at each other’s shoes. So let me please just tell you now:

The vote on Measures 66 & 67 is gonna be close.

When we took up this fight, the Oregonian headline said “Proponents bet against history on tax votes.” No one thought we had a chance. Now the polls say we are ahead, but this is no time to relax. Polls measure opinions, but our job is to chase votes.

A lot of motivated, early voters are against us. No one really loves taxes. But some people really, really hate them, and those people are guaranteed to vote. Tobacco lobbyists and bank executives don’t have to go door to door to get out right-wing voters.

It’s a different story with our base. I hope my mom will forgive me for saying this, but the good people of Portland and Eugene could use a little kick in the pants. Especially the young ones — and in this election, a young voter is under 60 (congratulations to all of you who qualify!).

It’s amazing to see hundreds of people on the phone every night, and the power of more than 900 people canvassing last weekend alone. But we need more. We need you. Go to:

So please, before it is too late, volunteer ( Don’t worry about the rain. This is a once-in-a-lifetime political moment. We have the chance to make history, change the balance of power in Salem between school funding and social service advocates and the big corporate lobbyists, while preserving about a billion dollars worth of funding for schools, seniors, health care and public safety. This will only happen with your help (

If, for some reason, you really can’t make it in, go to our website and donate $100 so we can run another radio spot or $500 for a cable ad:

Don’t read this and think, “I’ll do it later.” Sign up right now – – before you forget, or someone asks you to do something else.

Oregon is a great place because great people like you care about it. Don’t miss your chance to shape its future. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and we need every free moment you have dedicated to helping secure this vote. ‘Cause, as I hope you heard me say, it’s gonna be close.

 And come January 26th, I want to be able to look all of you in the eyes, smile, and say, “We did it.”




Kevin Looper

Campaign Director, Vote Yes for Oregon

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