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Support single payer in congress and event this Saturday – Building a Green Oregon‏

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Below is a national Alliance for Democracy action alert regarding national single-payer healthcare legislation and a notice about AfD sponsored event this coming Saturday.   Rep Kucinich had an amendment to allow states to enact single-payer legislation if they choose without concern that the federal government might intercede on behalf of the for-profit healthcare industry.  This action alert asks that you support the only possibility at this point to move single payer healthcare forward by calling your US Representative today to support Rep. Kucinich in his effort to include the provision in the House/Senate conference bill.  Remember that the Democrats want to have this legislation wrapped up prior to the President’s State of the Union address to congress sometime soon, so your call today or very soon is required.
It appears that the State of Union date has not been determined yet.  While it usually is the week of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. day, this year the President is delaying the announcement of the day hoping that the healthcare legislation can be settled before hand.  But here is an important note.  There was speculation that it might be Feb. 2nd but the White House press secretary has assured the American people that will not be that day because that day is the season premiere of of the last session of LOST.  Too many people were upset at the prospect and the public had to be placated. Wow, what a relief!
On another note, the Alliance for Democracy has joined with Community for Earth at the First Unitarian Church to bring a forum/meeting/gathering this coming Saturday.  Hopefully you might be able to join us.   Here are the details:


How do we build a green Oregon? Business Energy Tax Credits? Renewable Energy Payments? Or?
Community for Earth at the First Unitarian Church, West Hills UU Fellowship Green Sanctuary Committee, the Alliance for Democracy, Oregon Environmental Council, and Oregon Interfaith Power and Light present the first of an ongoing series of educational forums on sustainable energy.
Three speakers covering the present state of renewable energy development in Oregon, the use of Business Energy Tax Credits, and Renewable Energy Payments (Feed-In Tariffs) will present ideas on how you can begin living with sustainable energy.
The three speakers will be
1. Tom Beverly with Energy Trust of Oregon, giving an energy overview
2. Jody Wiser with Tax Fairness Oregon, an advocacy group for change in state tax policy
3. Judy Barnes with Oregon Renewable Energy Policy, a project of the Alliance for Democracy advocating for Feed-In Tariffs to jump start renewable energy production and good clean jobs.
Solar equipment companies and environmental organizations will be available to answer your questions on a one to one basis.
Date: Saturday, January 16, 2010
Time 10 AM to 2 PM; doors open at 9:30 (free coffee)
Location: First Unitarian Church, SW 12th and Salmon, downtown Portland, Oregon
Cost: Free but donations will be accepted.
Future Forums are planned covering: Nuclear Power (February); Coal, Dirty or Clean (March); Cap and Trade – pro and con (April); Liquified Natural Gas – its place in our state (May).For more information, call David Delk, 503-232-5495;

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter 503 232 5495
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Campaign for Single Payer Health Care: Money trumps the human right to health and the public interest
January 13, 2010
Please forward widely!

Over many months, we’ve learned about the huge amounts the health care [sic] industry spent lobbying Congress and influencing the 2008 Congressional elections. Now, Brad Jacobson documents that candidate Obama was also heavily funded by the same interests. In “Obama Received $20 Million from Healthcare Industry in 2008 Campaign” he reports that Obama “received almost three times the amount given to McCain” including $11.7m from health professionals, $1.4m from health services and HMOs, $3.3m from hospitals and nursing homes, and $2.1m from pharmaceutical and health product companies. The health insurance industry donated $712,317 as well.

As Jacobson writes, such contributions must account for the fact that candidate Obama advocated for universal healthcare and criticized mandated health insurance, while President Obama excluded single-payer advocates from White House health care summits and has strongly endorsed mandates.
ACT NOW – Don’t hesitate

House members returned to Congress on January 12. Call your Representative to say you want the ERISA waiver, originally proposed in an amendment to the House Bill by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, included in the House/Senate negotiations on the final bill.

ERISA, the federal law that oversees employee benefit plans, including health insurance, can be used to challenge state-level singlepayer programs.

An ERISA waiver will allow state singlepayer healthcare legislation now underway specifically in CA, NY, MA, and PA, to move forward without a federal challenge at the behest of the for-profit insurance industry.

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121, or online Congressional directory here.

Thank you for taking action today!
Nancy, Peter, David, Rick, Barbara, Ruth W., Ruth C., and Lou
Alliance for Democracy’s Committee for Single Payer Health Care

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Note the ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.  ERISA says that federal law preempts all state laws regarding most employee benefit plans. Therefore without the Kucinich amendment, ERISA would not allow states to enact singlepayer programs.


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