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Progressive monthly calendar and questions for Sen Wyden.‏

The Portland Or area progressive events calendar is below. Also some suggested questions for Sen Wyden during his townhall meeting on Jan 4th, Monday.

Below is the new progressive events calendar for January.  Happy New Year to everyone.

Make note of the town hall with Sen Wyden and, if you can, plan on being there. That is on January 4th.  See details below.  I can’t be there but if I could here are a couple of questions I would ask:

1.  We have been told that the economic crises resulted from actions by banks and financial institutions which are “too big to fail.”  Those institutions have only gotten larger and the financial sector has only become more concentrated.  Will you co-sponsor Sen. Sanders bill which would require these institutions to be identified and broken up? 

2. A surge in the war in Afghanistan has been ordered by Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama.  Conservative estimates place the cost of each additional troop at over $1 million per year.  The president of Afghanistan has said that we should expect to be there for 10 to 15 years because they will not be ready to totally assume their own defense until then.  Will you co-sponsor with Sen. Levin (SB2726) his proposal to levy an income tax on the American people to finance the war instead of adding to the American debt?

3. The US Senate will eventually be asked to approve additional funds for the surge of troops to Afghanistan.  We call on you to vote no and bring the troops home.

4. Britain and other European nations are getting behind the call to impose high taxes on record bonuses to be paid to the very people who run the economy into the ground.  They are supporting a 50% tax on such bonuses to be paid by the financial firms themselves.  Will you join in a call for such a tax to be imposed by the United States? 

5. Proposals have been made to impose a Tobin tax on the speculative trades in derivatives which both destroyed the Main Street economy and is continuing unabatedly making Wall Street obscene profits even as we speak. Rep. Peter DeFazio has introduced his Let Wall Street Pay for Wall Street’s Bailout Act of 2009 act.  Will you introduce and sponsor such legislation in the US Senate?

6. Pres. Eisenhower in his final farewell address to the nation spoke of the military-industrial complex. That complex is now best characterized as the military/industrial/congressional/media complex. What steps are you taking or supporting that would break the stranglehold of this complex on the American people?

7. Never before has the nation considered a bill which would force all citizens to purchase a product in order to continue to be law-abiding citizens.  Yet the US Senate with your vote for the senate health insurance bill has done that.  Do you think that it is correct to force citizens to buy from private corporations a product in order to be law-abiding? Why would it not be better and less expensive to support a single payer system for America like Canada has and that we already have in the Medicare system?

8.  Free trade agreements have been enacted since Bill Clinton’s days resulting in the loss of American jobs, harm to the world’s environment and the undermining of our democracy.  Pres. Obama is now pressing for the passage of three Bush era free trade agreements which follow the same failed trade model of the past.  When these agreements, with Panama, Columbia and So. Korea, come up for votes, will you vote to support jobs for Americans, for a cleaner environment and to strengthen democracy by voting No on each of these?

Well, that is just a few I come up with in case anyone wants to go and ask them.  Lots more questions exist.  Please plan on going and ask them.

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter, 503.232.5495
to comment on this email, please visit the Alliance for Democracy blog at

On-going Events.

The Kinton Grange is sponsoring a Film Series on Agriculture and Food starting Wednesday, Jan 20 and continuing on the 1st and 3rd Wedneday through April.

The Kinton Grange is part of a national organization created for the benefit of farmers and eaters in 1868, a time of national crisis and recovery following the War Between the States.

Please come early and stay late for informal discussions over snacks and desserts. Topic the movies will cover: CSAs, Community Supported Agriculture, GMOs, Genetically Modified Foods, Food supply chains, Surplus and shortages, Food and life styles, farm methods. Movies are mostly documentaries, some are foreign, a few are quite old, but still relevant. “The Real Dirt on Farmer John” is humorous as well as revealing. Goal is to promote discussion and greater awareness, so we invite your suggestions for additional titles.

Free, but $5 donation is requested. Refreshments are pot-luck.

Other movies may include but are not limited to: King Corn,The Real Dirt on Farmer John,The Gleaners, ., Harvest of Shame, Our Daily Bread, Grapes of Wrath, Supersize Me, Of Mice and Men, Botany of Desire” Link to our website at for more info.
January ’10

Monday, January 4, 3:30 to 5 PM, King City Town Hall, 15245 SW 116th Ave in King city

US Senator ron Wyden Town Hall

Everyone is welcome to come hear what is happening in Washington, D.C., to talk about those issues most important to us and have questions answered by the Senator. Contact Diane Tyhurst, King City Dem’s, for further information. Phone: 503-620-0295.
Tuesday, Jan. 5, 7:30 PM,. Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (1037 SW Broadway)

Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is an outspoken and controversial journalist and literary critic. His most recent book, God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything (2008), was called “a provocative, challenging, and passionate work.” His books include the bestseller No One Left To Lie To: The Values of the Worst Family (1999), The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice (1997), and Letters to a Young Contrarian (2001).

Thursday, Jan 6, 7 PM, Powell’s World of Books, W Burnside at 10th Ave.

Daybreak, : Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union” with author David Swanson

Daybreak is a prescription for political reform that literally ends with a to-do list for citizens, and draws inspiration from the misdeeds and missteps of the Bush and Obama presidencies.

What powers were stripped from Congress and handed to the White House while George W. Bush lived there, and what would it take to permanently move them back? Which of these powers is Barack Obama making use of or even expanding upon? And in the future, how can we expand our rights, create democratic representation in Congress, and make presidents into executives rather than emperors?

This is a citizens’ guide to the long-term task of removing power from the hands of one person, placing it in a body of representatives, and (here’s the hard part) making that body truly representative of the American people.

More info on book at
Download a printable flyer
Thurs. Jan. 7th, 8:30 Am – 12 Noon, State Office Building, Rm 1B, 800 NE Oregon

Bang or Bust: 2010 Congressional Decisions That Will Impact Oregon Communities and Low-Income Households.

Oregon Center for Public Policy (OCPP), Ecumenical Ministries of OR, and Bread for the World invite you to this event designed to support your advocacy in 2010 on federal issues critical to Oregon. Keynote: U.S. Rep Earl Blumenauer. In 2010, as well as concluding health care reform, Congress will take up important issues with large implications for the nation’s fiscal solvency and capacity to allow everyone in the United States an opportunity to succeed. Decisions on expiring tax cuts enacted earlier this decade – which mostly benefit wealthy households but also help low-income workers – will affect our ability to control dangerously escalating deficits, invest for a new, post-recession economy, and allow ordinary families to share in its benefits. Expected immigration legislation will have far-reaching impacts as it shapes economic opps for up to 12 million individuals working and growing up in the U.S., including many in Oregon. Congress is expected to push forward on climate legislation, however, it remains to be seen whether the measure will adequately shield low-income Oregon households from inevitable hikes in energy prices. Although sweeping reform is not expected, reauthorization of the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program offers opportunities for improving the program, which serves 26,000 vulnerable Oregon families with children.

Additionally, reauthorization of federal child nutrition services presents an opportunity to improve nutrition among thousands of Oregon children.

Event is FREE but pre-registration is required at:

More info, contact Janet Bauer at .
Friday, Jan 8th, 7 PM, MACE Center, 126 N.E. Alberta

Partnership Economics: Counting and Valuing Our Real Wealth

Join the Real Wealth of Portland for an informational presentation that is helping to build momentum for grassroots movement to create amore realistic, humane and sustainable economics – one that truly values and counts those things that count to all of us – clean air, clean water, healthy food, healthy, happy children, meaningful work and a planet whose abundance of resources are respected and shared

Caring for families, communities and nature is the basis of all life, yet this essential “wealth” is seldom counted by economists. We will share the research of world renown visionary Riane Eisler, presenting economic thinking reflecting a partnership, caring, sharing system that works for all

For more information, call Marcia Meyers 503.665.3957
Saturday, Jan. 9th, 10 AM, Friendly House, NW 26th and Thurman

Ballot Measure 66/67 Forum with

Meet with Rep Mitch Greenlick, HD 33 and Senator Suzanne Bonamici, SD-17 to learn more about the upcoming January 26th Election.

Learn about how we can protect vital Oregon Services. And learn about Yes on Measures 66 and 67.

Health Care, Education and Public Service are at risk. But 2 out of 3 corporations pay just $10 in Minimum Tax. Come learn more.
Saturday, January 16, 10 AM, First Unitarian Church, SW 12 and Salmon in the Buchan building

Building a Green Oregon – Business Energy Tax Credits | Renewable Energy Payments | Or?

The first of a series of community forums on sustainable energy organized by the Community for Earth of the 1st UU church and the Alliance for Democracy.

Speakers are
Tom Beverly, Energy Trust of Oregon – giving an overview of current renewable energy use and policy in Oregon
Jody Wiser, Tax Fairness Oregon – on the Business Energy Tax Credit and its impact on Oregon tax revenues
Judy Barnes, Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy – advocating for feed-in tariffs and democratizing the grid.

Download printable flyer in pdf format
Thursday, Jan 14, 7 PM, Clinton Street Theater, SE 26th and Clinton

Rethink Afghanistan (A Brave New Films Production)

National Lawyers Guild and Portland Peaceful Response present a screening of Rethink Afghanistan, a groundbreaking documentary exploring the issues surrounding the United States’ current and future role in the Afghanistan War. Following by a conversation with Director Robert Greenwald

A benefit for the National Lawyers Guild’s Lewis and Clark Military Counseling Project.

Sunday, Jan. 24, 6 PM, Red and Black Cafe, 400 SE 12th Ave.

Cascadia to Caracas

Portland Central American Solidarity Committee presents an eyewitness report from the frontlines of Venezuela. We will be presenting our video footage as well as discussing the Bolivarian Revolution including our experiances with community radio, television and popular power.

More Info, 541 905 3797

Monday, February 1, 5:30 – 8:30 PM
Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, Billy Frans Jr.Conference Center, 721 NW 9th Ave.

Earth Care Summit

A gathering to support, celebate, inspire and connect congregations on the path of earth care and stewardship.
Join Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon’s Interfaith Network for Earth concerns and co-sposnors for a locally gorwn dinner, keynote speaker, informationtables, auchtin of green products and services, and presentations form congregations about their earth care efforts. Meet in roundtables iwth communit representativs from groups and agencies to discuss a variet of topics applicable to congregations including sustainable purchasing, starting a green team, food and faith, watershed stewardship, zero waste gatherings, green liturgies and more.

Learn what’s working and how you can save money while caring for creation. Registratoin forms can be found at or call alison at 503.221.1054 ext. 210.

Re-registration is required. Cost: $25/person ($22 by January 8th) and $15/students and seniors. Discounts are availble for groups and scholarships are also available.


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