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URGENT: Tell Senator Wyden to investigate if bailout money is being used to defeat the ballot measures!‏

Posted in M66/67, Tax Fairness Oregon by Alliance for Democracy Portland OR on November 27, 2009

Looks like banks are going to be a major funder for the No on M66/67 ballot measures coming for a vote on January 26th.

66 increases the corporate minimum income tax from $10 to $150 for the vast majority of corporations doing business in Oregon.  67 applies a very small surcharge on the marginal income over a quarter million dollars per couple. 
The Oregon Bankers Association is providing major funding for the opposition to these measures to establish a small degree of tax fairness in Oregon.  It is only fair that those with the highest incomes should pay a higher percentage of their income for taxes as it is only fair that corporation which enjoy the benefits of being incorporated should pay at least the cost of registering to be a corporation. 
Please sign the petition detailed below from Tax Fairness Oregon.
Also, I have another dozen Yes on 66/67 lawn signs.  Let me know if you want one.  

David e. Delk, Alliance for Democracy – Portland Chapter 503 232 5495 

Subject: URGENT: Tell Senator Wyden to investigate if bailout money is being used to defeat the ballot measures!

Investigate the Big Banks
Senator Wyden, find out if any bailout money is being used to defeat the ballot measures
take action

Sign the petition now!

Starting next week, our opponents will begin a $1 million television ad campaign. They hope to scare voters into opposing the tax fairness ballot measures. 

It is important that voters know who is funding these attack ads. Many corporate interest groups have written large checks, but the single largest donation has been a $100,000 contribution from the Oregon Bankers Association.

That’s right, the very folks who took billions of your taxpayer dollars for their bailout, are now spending big bucks so that corporations doing business in Oregon don’t have to pay more than $10 a year in taxes.

It’s time to stop big corporations from using public money for their private good.

Sign the petition to Senator Wyden asking him to immediately investigate if the big banks are using taxpayer-financed bailout money to defeat the tax fairness ballot measures

The $100,000 contribution by the banking industry may just be a small down payment on a larger plan by big banks to spend much more on the upcoming special election. That is why we are calling for an investigation to begin immediately, so taxpayers can learn how an industry that was bankrupt a year ago, now has the money to bankroll an expensive political campaign.
Tell Senator Wyden this is not the sort of “public financing” of political campaigns that Oregonians support. I need your signature by December 9th, when I leave Oregon for Washington, DC.

Yours truly,

Jody Wiser
Tax Fairness Oregon



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